Hankook Tire Holds the ‘Design Insight Forum’, an Innovative Display of Future Technology go to main prd


Hankook Tire Holds the ‘Design Insight Forum’, an Innovative Display of Future Technology

2018. 09. 20

  • - Active discussion on the core competitiveness of the future mobility industry and ways to generate more value
  • - First unveiling of the award winning works of ‘2018 Design Innovation’ that look out to the future driving for year 2035

September 20, 2018 (Seoul, Korea) - A leading global tire company Hankook Tire held the ‘Design Insight Forum' today at Hankook Technodome, where there were active discussions on the future of the mobility industry and the tire industry.

Hankook Tire has been holding the ‘Design Insight Forum’ every year since 2004 under the theme of future driving. In depth discussions are held between external and internal experts on creativity and innovation. This year, the forum is also a place for the unveiling of the award winning works of ‘2018 Design Innovation’ under the theme of ‘Extending Future Life Beyond Mobility’.

The Design Innovation is an R&D project of Hankook Tire held every two years in collaboration with the world’s renowned design universities to propose a vision for the future driving and provide a solution through tires. This year, 19 industrial design students in UK’s Royal College of Art (RCA) worked with Hankook Tire to suggest a tire system can generate value and is fit for the future driving in year 2035.

Among all the works submitted since January 2018, two pieces have been finally selected. The ‘Aeroflow’, a futuristic one-person race car tire with maximized downforce and ‘Hexonic’, a tire with smart sensors that provide an optimal driving solution for autonomous cars to be used for car sharing services, will be unveiled for the first time. In addition to this, 'HLS-23', which will be responsible for the future logistics system, will also be introduced.

These works will continue to be exhibited to globally display the innovative design technology of Hankook Tire starting from RCA students' graduation exhibition in 2019, Frankfurt Motor Show, Essen Motor Show, and Cologne Tire Exhibition in Germany, etc.

“Hankook Tire is glad to have paved a path for the bright young minds to propose a whole new experience for future driving. We expect these innovative ideas and the intense discussion that went on today will further Hankook Tire’s commitment to developing technologies for future mobility,” said Hyun Bum Cho, President & CEO of Hankook Tire.

As a global top-tier company, Hankook Tire will continue to provide opportunities to preemptively respond to the rapidly changing mobility environment and to strengthen its technology leadership.

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