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Design Innovation

Design the Essence of Mobility

Design innovation is an innovative project designed to study future smart cities and the changing mobility to propose a diverse range of mobility options. We search for the new values to usher in a brighter future emanating from tires, where the essence of mobility begins. We reinvent technologies that are always ahead of our times and bring essential innovation to connect all the mobility modes throughout the world.

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Our Projects

Hankook Tire will always stay with you on the path towards embracing the technological innovation of the future.
Check out the future tire design stories that will excel in the world of our dreams.




Extending Future Life
Beyond Mobility


Connect to the
Connected world


with Vibram®


A Great Challenge
for a Great Change


The Way
to the Future

Urban Reshaping

Urban Reshaping 2020 is a next-generation design
project associated with the infrastructure and tires of the future.
Tire technology that reacts to the varying user environments from moment to moment will traverse beyond simple mobility to bring ground-breaking transformation into an urban lifestyle.

2020_second 2020_second_m

'Urban Reshaping'

Our technology leads our cities into the future. The mobile module platform “Hankook Platform System (HPS)-Cell” is a next-generation mobility concept that separates the space from the platform. Hankook Tire offers the ultimate mobility services for a future world where cutting-edge technologies involving autonomous driving and artificial intelligence (AI) for the environment as well as an automation infrastructure are widely available, to enhance the quality of life to an unprecedented standard.

Hankook Platform System (HPS) - Cell

A platform consists of two wheels, and in general, two sets of platforms are used for a conventional four-wheel drive. This is a future technology applicable to the varying types of mobility options such as eight-wheel and ten-wheel drives

‘HPS- cell’ tires

The HPS-Cell tire is airless featuring a unit-cell structure to acquire complex rigidity. Its built-in ultra-precision sensor allows the tire to identify the tire treads and road conditions in real-time. It is also designed to respond to the wearing risks and automatically change the tread patterns to cater to every road condition, thereby enabling a management system with unparalleled efficiency.

Extending Future Life Beyond Mobility

The future orientation of the Royal College of Art (RCA) in the UK and Hankook Tire's global technology are combined to present a tire system that contributes to the creation of new values well-matched with the future driving environment in 2023.

2018_second 2018_second

'Extending Future Life Beyond Mobility'

As fully self-driving cars, robots, and AI are expected to become widely available by 2035, we continue our search for new opportunities for tires to have a range of productive uses in the mobility landscape of the future. We design the future of tire technology from the standpoint of private, public, and commercial aspects.

Racing Tires of the Future

This tire is designed to unlock the full potential of downforce to ensure a stable dash at high speed. The detachable tread increases the rim width to improve the tire’s traction, and its internal wing and side fan allow the air to enter and exit, thereby offering a thrilling, dynamic and speedy driving experience.

Logistics System of the Future

HLS-23 (Hankook Logistics System) is an innovative logistics system using tires. Depending on the size and weight of the object, it can operate alone or in a group. The two-row split tread separately controls the speed and direction, allowing the vehicle to spin round at the same spot while driving straight. It identifies the road surface coordinates for movement and provides a sustainable logistics service through automatic charging.

Variable Smart Tire

It is a variable tire that adapts to the changes in the urban conditions of the future for completely self-driving shared vehicles. Its built-in smart sensor identifies the road surface information with precision and enables self-charging and self-diagnosis. The sensed information relies on the electro active polymer (EAP) technology to form blocks and grooves on the tread, pushing the water-dispersing and cornering performance to its limit.

Connect to the Connected world

This project is intended to forecast the changes in mobility in the future megacities and highlight the vision of future mobility through tires.

2016_second 2016_second

‘Connect to the
Connected world’

We worked together with the University of Cincinnati in the United States to forecast the changes in the environment for vehicles and driving in megacities of the future and studied the various components of infrastructure such as general roads, alleys, and stairs. Furthermore, we designed innovative tires to provide the ultimate traction for a wide range of future mobility options, including shared mobility, self-driving cars, and emergency vehicles.

One-Seater Comfort Mobility Ⅰ

The one-seater mobility mode, Magfloat, can also travel indoors. The principle of the magnetic field expansion and rotation allows the mode to move at a speed of 20 km/h or less to bring leisurely and freedom fused movement to perfection.

One-Seater Comfort Mobility Ⅱ

Flexup, a future-oriented one-seater mobility mode, can freely corner even on flat ground. As the split tread expands or contracts, the mode can move without reserve even if it encounters stairs while driving on the road.

One-Seater Flexible Mobility

iPlay, the one-seater mobility mode, drives on two wheels with maximum efficiency and cornering performance. Its flexible suspension structure enables the minimization of volume in the standby mode, and it demonstrates ultimate performance even while driving at high speed or cornering as the wheel angle changes.

Multiple-Seater Flexible Mobility

Autobine, an autonomous bus, automatically mounts and removes tires, and changes its body size depending on the number of passengers. The self-powered tire even carries an intelligence system that detects the weight of the vehicle and automatically mounts to the bus.

Police Comfortable Mobility

Shiftrac is a mobility mode available for police cars only and provides an agile and convenient driving experience to deal with an increasingly complex city. Its block shifting built around the physics of ice skating enables powerful cornering and rapid lane changes, and guarantees urban safety in a rapid and accurate manner.

Collaboration with Vibram®

Vibram, the Italian-based world’s No. 1 manufacturer for the outsole of a shoe, has joined forces with Hankook Tire with top-tier technology. The collaboration of the two companies, which serve as robust feet for cars and human beings, has enabled us to launch this unparalleled joint project to offer the ‘pleasure and uniqueness of driving’.

2015_second 2015_second

‘Collaboration with Vibram®’

Under the design themes of “Tire go fashionable” and “Shoes embrace dynamic high-end technology”, Vibram’s unique style and Hankook’s technology mixed beautifully. Venturing to embrace a new vision is made possible when two different brands cross over the silo of their industries to pursue innovative convergence.

Sidewalls Enabled by Ultra Light 3D Cocoon Technology

Serrations in woven-knit patterns and block surfaces created at various angles protect tires from shocks.

Honeycomb Layered Structure Design

Harnessing Vibram’s iconic design pattern, this structure aims to add traction performance in mountainous topographies. The application of color compounds also enables young drivers the added pleasure of picking out their own tire colors to match their car.

Vibram Concept Footwear

Inspired by the design of the concept tires DynaMIX and Dyna SYNC, these shoes embody a novel idea along with an unprecedented functional design.

A Great Challenge for a Great Change

In searching for the best way for tires to move forward amid climate change stimulated by global warming,
this concept project is designed to embrace the driving vision of the future that we must shape with new tires.

2014_second 2014_second

‘A Great Challenge for a Great Change’

We scouted for a tire that delivers the best driving performance in the face of unpredictable environmental changes caused by rapid global warming. After conducting a series of in-depth research, we will showcase three types of concept tires that can expertly handle the widely varying geographical issues caused by abnormal weather conditions such as desertification, heavy rain, and heavy snow.

Variable Tread Block-Structured Design

A variable tread block structure of these tires enables tremendous driving force. The tread blocks that extend in all directions boast unrivaled three-dimensional traction, providing the vehicle with the grip to drive on desert terrain without any issues. As it raises the vehicle's ground clearance, it guarantees the excellent components needed to navigate rough roads.

Tread Blade-Structured Design

This tire capitalizes on the tread’s blade structure to completely disperse water from beneath while driving in the rain. Even when submerged, the waterwheel principle of the blade and the additional resistance of the side spokes ensures a strong driving force.

Circumferentially Extended Design

Its circumferentially extended structure supports the vehicle as it drives in harsh winter conditions without any issues. The vehicle's much higher ground clearance improves its ability to navigate rough roads and its increased tread assures greater grooves, thus increasing its traction. Sharp studs exposed between the grooves bring perfection to powerful driving even on snow and ice-covered terrain.

The Way to the Future

In search of tires suitable for numerous driving conditions that will emerge in the future,
this concept project is designed to present the vision of future driving.

2012_second 2012_second

‘The Way to the Future’

The core of driving starts with the tires, not the cars. In its element, the tire is a component intended to closely connect the driver with the ground and endure the effects brought by the ground conditions. We unveil to you the ultimate concept tires to deal with the varying driving environments (extreme cornering, exhilarating adventure, fuel efficiency, and intelligent future tire).

Variable Hybrid Tires

The shape memory alloy located inside the tread changes from moment to moment in line with the changing circumstances. This tire demonstrates two completely opposite performances, from the sports mode to the fuel efficiency mode.

The Revolution of Sport Tires

This is a non-pneumatic tire that consists of three different parts. This performance tire relies on the ‘tiling system’ to assure no loss in the speed and balance even when extreme cornering and its powerful traction enables the drive to reach higher speeds than that achieved in the straight section.

Smart Tires of the Future

This type of tire creates a magnetic field in the space between the tire and the rim to perfect a quiet and comfortable driving experience.

Variable Hybrid Tires

This is an off-road tire of the future designed to effectively absorb any impact even on extremely rough roads and prevent tire blowout accidents in real-time.