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Hankook Tire & Technology has set out on a journey towards being a company recognized for its brand value and reputation.

  • Hankook Tire acquires ‘ISCC PLUS’, the first eco-friendly international certification for industry

    Dow Jones Sustainability Indices World

    Hankook Tire & Technology became the first in the tire industry to acquire ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) PLUS certification, the international certification system for eco-friendly materials. ISCC PLUS is the international certification system that conforms to the European Union (EU) renewable energy guidelines, and is a certification granted for passing the examination with the eco-friendliness of raw materials, production processes, and even their products. It has membership with 130 eco-friendly raw material manufacturers, NGOs, and research institutes around the world, and is the most reliable institution in the eco-friendly field with the transparent screening standard and the strict certification procedure. Hankook Tire obtained the ISCC PLUS certification for its effort to replace petrochemical oil with natural oil and petrochemical products (synthetic rubber) with biochemical products and biopolymers.

  • Awarded ‘Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) World’ for 7 consecutive years

    Dow Jones Sustainability Indices World

    Hankook Tire has continues solidifying its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) leadership, earning its seventh consecutive listing in the esteemed Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for industry-leading sustainability. Selected as one of the top companies in the auto parts industry for the first time as a domestic tire company and recognized as a global top-tier company since 2016, Hankook Tire & Technology has grown into the best ESG management company of the year. The Dow Jones Sustainability Index was jointly developed in 1999 by Dow Jones of the United States and S&P Global Switzerland SA (formerly SAM), a global sustainability rating agency. It is a global index that evaluates the top 2,500 global companies by market capitalization every year, considering not only the financial performance but also social contribution, governance, human rights, and environment. With only 24 domestic companies included in the ‘2022 Dow Jones Sustainability Index World’, Hankook Tire & Technology has been recognized as the best company once again in the industry for its sustainability management by winning the award for 7 consecutive years.

    • DJSI World (For 7 consecutive years)
    • DJSI Asia Pacific (For 10 consecutive years)
    • DJSI Korea (For 12 consecutive years)

  • Korea's first company to be included in the 'CDP Supplier Engagement Leader Board'

    CDP Supplier Engagement Leader Board

    Hankook Tire has been included in the 'CDP Supplier Engagement Leader Board' as the very first and only company from Korea in 2018, for our constant efforts to manage the carbon emission in our supplier chain. CDP classifies the supplier engagement of climate change responses in 8 levels and allow companies with A grade, the top grade, to be included in the CDP Supplier Engagement Leader Board. In 2022, Hankook Tire & Technology scored B in Climate Change and B- in Water.

  • Won Gold Award in ESG Report LACP Spotlight Awards Online Report Category

    LACP Spotlight Awards

    Hankook Tire & Technology won the Gold Award in the Spotlight Awards Online Report category from LACP, a world-renowned Marketing research institute, for the ESG Report 2021/22 published in 2022. In addition, it was also included in the top 100 winners in 2022 by positioning itself as 45th in the world ranking among 1,500 entries. In particular, it received full marks in terms of overall report narrative, visual design, creative and corporate-characteristic composition, and reader interest.

  • Won B+ in Total for 2022 Korea Institute of Corporate Governance and Sustainability (KCGS) ESG Evaluation

    2020년 한국기업지배구조원 ESG 평가 통합 B+
    The Korea Institute of Corporate Governance and Sustainability (KCGS) ESG evaluation enhances the social responsibility of domestic listed companies and encourages their activities, while granting their rates by evaluating the level of Environmental, Social Responsibility, and Governance to promote responsible investment by investors. The evaluation result is used as data for composing stocks of the ESG theme index of the Korea Exchange. Hankook Tire & Technology obtained the compressive grade of B+ in the 2022 ESG evaluation; A for Social, B+ for Environmental, and B for Governance.
  • Awarded Top Tier of the 'Korean Standard Quality Excellence Index' for 10 consecutive years

    Design award 2019

    Hankook Tire was awarded with the top prize in the '2018 Korean Standard Quality Excellence Index (KS-QEI)' hosted by the Korean Standards Association with the Automobile Tire sector for 10 consecutive years. The Korean Standard Quality Excellence Index is a comprehensive indicator of the quality excellence and satisfaction the Korean Standards Association and the Korean Society for Quality Management research and announce for consumers and commodity specialists who use the products of their companies. Hankook Tire has proved its quality competitiveness as a global top-tier company by winning comprehensively excellent scores in both the 'Usage Quality Index' including performance, reliability, and safety plus 'Emotional Quality Index' including image, brand recognition and novelty.