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Winter i*cept X (RW10)

  • Winter
  • Premium

The new standard of non-studded Northern winter tyre for SUVs Winter i*cept X ensures more dynamic and safe driving performance in winter driving for the SUV

  • Performance

      Designed as a general guideline to compare among the internal Hankook products.

Driving Style

Snow Ice


Tire Pattern

  • Multi-A spuit system (spuit hole + slit)

    · Spuit hole : Prevent slip on slush by absorbing water
    · Slit : Advantage of snow grip by friction and grip force

  • Aqua edge grooves

    Z-shape design prevents hydro-planing by pushing water out effectively.

  • Spiral boosters

    Efficient structure to drain water and snow, to maximize ice braking & enhance acceleration.

  • ‘Z’ grip shoulder block

    The ‘Z’ grip shoulder block disperses pressure equally on the shoulders edges.

  • Grip claw technology

    Improves snow traction by applying sharp 3D edge.

  • Grip in step

    Prevents snow from accumulating while braking or accelerating on ice.

  • Optimised pattern

    Optimised block width design improves handling performance by enhancing block stiffness.

  • V-shape groove

    V-shaped tread design improves drainage performance, thus improving wet performance.

  • Shoulder block & 3D sipe

    Extended shoulder blocks for SUVs and 3D sipes improve handling performance in winter driving.


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