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Dynapro i*cept

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Provides perfect control over winter roads. An SUV and 4x4 vehicle tire, the Dynapro i*cept provides 9% better braking performance than existing products, allowing for powerful driving even on snowy roads.

  • Performance

      Designed as a general guideline to compare among the internal Hankook products.



Tire Pattern

  • Wide Tread Width

    The application of a wide tread width enhances snow and ice handling.

  • Center Rib

    In addition to providing superior dry and wet handling, center edge effects offer outstanding snow and ice grip.

  • Center Step Tie Bar

    Prevents shaking of the center block for greater ice braking performance.

  • 4 Straight & 2 Zig-Zag Grooves

    4 straight grooves channel away water for superior traction on wet roads while 2 zig-zag grooves offer tenacious grip on snowy surfaces.

  • Kerf Slat

    Kerfs are connected to provide better drainage when snow has partially melted on the roads.

  • Vertical Serrated Groove

    Serrations along the groove wall ensure improved traction on snow.

  • Cross Block System

    Tread blocks are fitted together at an angle for better driving control and braking on icy roads.

  • Cliff Groove

    Grooved walls provide the top snow edge effect.

  • Idealized Foot Shape for Braking

    The optimal foot shape for maximum braking performance is derived by simulating the ratio between contact width and length. With a greater contact area compared to existing products, Dynapro i*cept boasts improved braking on snow and ice-covered roads.


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