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Customers (Car makers)

Hankook Tire aspires to lead the automotive industry into the future, providing drivers the world over with the best driving experience.

Hankook Tire aspires to lead the automotive industry into the future, providing drivers the world over with the best driving experience.

Background of This Issue

Global car makers request that their suppliers conduct business responsibly in addition to fulfilling such essential requirements as quality, price, delivery, and CSR as part of their global business partnerships. Thus, we strengthen our communication with car makers while expanding our internal R&D endeavors and improving our production quality as our top priorities in order to satisfy the needs of our society and end consumers.

Risks & Opportunities

Car makers increasingly demand that our products help reduce GHG emissions in line with tightening global environmental standards, and this directly affects the entire automobile component industry. Automobile component suppliers are required to meet even more stringent product performance requirements, and such shifting business conditions may pose limitations to broadening their market presence further. Thus, leaders in the automobile component industry are consistently developing technology and ensuring closer communication to satisfy the requirements of car makers.

Hankook Tire’s Policy

As a business partner to global car makers, we at Hankook Tire are developing technology that satisfies their performance requirements on the basis of our organically-structured system developed in accordance with global standards. Meanwhile, we aim to secure our competitive edge in eco-friendliness and quality across our global operations so that we maintain sustainable and long-term partnerships with car makers.

Management Responsibility & Governance

• Chaired by: Global OE Division Director
• Supervised by: Global OE Planning Team, Global OE Technical Team
• Cooperation members: Global OE Sales Team 1 & 2, OE Teams in Europe, America, China, Japan, and ASEAN & India, PC Development Team 1 - 3, TB Development Team 2, OE Quality Team, Technical Centers in Europe, America, Japan and China

Future Plans & Outlook

We will swiftly identify the technical requirements of car makers and relevant market trends while communicating with them from diverse angles, such as exhibitions and customer exchange meetings. In so doing, we will develop and deliver products with the optimal performance and quality desired by car makers. Specifically, we aim to expand our supply of future-oriented and eco-friendly tires while actively responding to the sustainability assessments increasingly performed by car makers. This will enable us to take the appropriate follow-up measures and to tighten our sustainable business relationships with car makers.



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