2020 24H SERIES Powered by Hankook Tire Begins go to main prd


2020 24H SERIES Powered by Hankook Tire Begins

2020. 01. 08

  • 2020 season opening race to start at Dubai Autodrome from January 9 to 11
  • Global top tier technology presented at the representative global endurance race
  • Winning Korea’s best race competition, AtlasBX motorsports team will compete in the ‘GT4 Class’ for the first time

Seoul, Korea, January 8, 2020 – The opening round of the endurance race 2020 24H SERIES powered by Hankook, a global leading tire maker, will begin at the Dubai Autodrome circuit for three days from January 9-11.

2020 season of main races of the 24H SERIES, the 24H SERIES Europe and 24H SERIES Continents, will start with the opening match in Dubai. Then, the competition will continue to span eight rounds from seven countries, crossing continents from Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Portugal, France, Spain, and to the United States.

In particular, global premium supercars such as "Porsche 991," "Lamborghini Huracán," "Mercedes-AMG GT4" and "Audi R8" will participate in the race, continuously running through advanced circuits for 24 hours, thus an extreme endurance race.

The Dubai Autodrome circuit is 5.9 kilometers per lap, in the middle of a desert. Considering such geographical condition, where strong sandstorms occur and the climate conditions are mercurial, tires should have the highest level of durability and grip. It is also important to have the best racing tire performance to satisfy drivers in extreme driving environments of agile cornering performance and perfect braking.

Hankook Tire has exclusively supplied tires since 2015 as the official title sponsor of ‘24H SERIES’ based on its global quality and technical skills, proving global top tier technology and premium brand value. Hankook Tire has equipped all racing vehicles participating in the competition until this year and the official title '24H SERIES Powered by Hankook' is operated in all competitions.

In this season, the AtlasBX motor sports team, dominating Korea’s top racing competition CJ Super Race, will participate in the 24H SERIES for the first time in Korea. Under the lead of Cho Hang Woo, CEO and racer of the AtlasBX team, Masataka Piloyanagi, Kim Jong Kyum, and Park Jae Sung, who has won the 2019 Ferrari Challenge, will compete at the "GT4 Class" with Mercedes-AMG GT4 vehicle.

Meanwhile, Hankook Tire is proving the global technological prowess as a global top tier company by supplying racing tires or sponsoring participating teams to leading global motor sports competitions such as "DTM," "F3 America" and "Formula Renault Eurocup." Moreover, Hankook Tire is spearheading the development of the motor sports culture, becoming the first Korean auto industry company to specially produce motor sports trailers, a strategic meeting and resting area for the sponsored teams.