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Hankook Tire and Peaches announce creative partnership

2019. 01. 08

  • - Collaboration with ‘Peaches,’ a US start-up focused on street car culture
  • - Enhances innovation in automotive lifestyle

January 8, 2019 (Seoul, Korea) -Global premium tire maker Hankook Tire announced it will partner with Peaches, the California lifestyle and fashion brand known for translating street car culture into modern-day street fashion clothing. In the near future, Hankook Tire’s design team and Peaches will unveil several projects, including a series of experimental sports tire designs to appeal to up and coming generations of drivers.

This collaboration is an extension of Hankook Tire’s trendy and high tech brand essence. As the oldest tire maker in Korea, Hankook Tire has grown to become a global leader in the tire industry, but has continuously engaged in collaborations with diverse companies and academia to stay ahead of cultural trends.

At Peaches, the goal is to bring the joy back to driving, a principle it celebrates by building performance cars, designing apparel, and filming noir-style driving videos. Peaches has collaborated with influential music, art, style, publishing and sport companies, including Nike, BMW, and Esquire.

“Hankook Tire and Peaches share a similar vision to support the development and growth of trendiness, especially the street-car youth culture. We believe this collaboration with such a unique fashion brand that caters to these audiences will help us venture our interests in an untraditional way,” says Hankook Tire Marketing Division Senior Vice President Seungbin Lim.

“Tires are essential items for vehicles but are often overlooked aesthetically. We believe there is potential to portray our creativity, as this is simply viewed as a canvas. In modern times, fashion brands are re-interpreting essential objects, and we believe that rubber tires should be affordable, functional, and visually pleasing,” says Peaches US Director Henry E. Song.

These jointly developed products will be showcased in Peaches-built future project cars, including 2001 BMW E46 M3, 2018 BMW M4, 1996 Porsche 993 RWB, and many more.