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Smart Flex DL51

Outstanding mileage performance without compromising fuel efficiency for long & regional haul use


  • Long Haul
  • Regional Haul
Tractor/Trailer, Truck Recommended
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Outstanding mileage performance without compromising fuel efficiency for long & regional haul use

Centre Zigzag Groove

The centre zigzag grooves create a binding effect on each tread block contributing to better rolling resistance and traction.

Optimised Block Size

Wide tread blocks enhance the tyre's rigidity and improve the mileage while delivering low rolling resistance.

Self-Regeneration Sipe

As the tyre wears, sipes and grooves are revealed to give improved traction and wet performance.

Horn Shape Self-Regeneration

Stress on the shoulders is reduced by applying horn shaped self-regenerating sipes that prevent cracks. They also provide enhanced water evacuation which delivers improved wet performance.

Integrated Premium Technologies: Self-Regeneration Sipe

Hankook premium technologies deliver high grip and mileage performance from the first to last milimeter of tyre life. Our 'no compromise' development approach ensures that low rolling resistance is maintained at all stages of wear, thereby benefitting both your budget and the environment.

New Tyre

Hankook premium technologies deliver improved tread block stiffness, high mileage and fuel efficiency.

40% Wear

Interlocking deep depths 3D sipes are revealed, thereby supporting tread block stiffness to maintain the high level of grip and low rolling resistance.

70% Wear

At 70% worn, Self regenerating lateral grooves appear. They deliver additional traction and wet grip performance.

3-dimensional sipe

Full Depth 3D sipes maintain excellent mileage and traction throughout the entire life of the tyre by reinforcing and interlocking the tread blocks.

Controlled tearing and wearing
→ Reduce irregular wear.
Full depth sipe applied
Improving the traction and grip throughout the life of the tyre.

Advanced Compounding Technology Compound Innovation

Improved compound performance by introducing the carbon-silica dual filler system. This system improves the homogeneity of the rubber compound mixing. The benefit is that the fuel efficiency is increased by using this new polymer and silica filler. Fuel efficiency is increased by using a new polymer and silica filler.

Rubber matrix with conventional system

Rubber matrix with dual filler system

Innovative Mixing System

The Innovative Mixing System (IMS) minimises the disconnection of the polymer chain and oxidation. The carbon black reinforcement also has higher dispersion levels. These effects of IMS help strengthen the bonding force between the carbon black and rubber for a stronger compound and lower heat generation.
The benefits of IMS are higher mileage and fuel efficiency.

1 Step
Larger molecular weight by minimising the breakdown of the polymer chain.

2 Step
Increased strength and decreased heat generation.

Higher mileage and improved fuel efficiency.

Stiffness Control Contour Technology (SCCT)

SCCT is designed for constant profile deformation. If the casing profile cannot be kept constant, the internal force on the casing will be concentrated on a specific point (belt edge or turned up casing edge). In contrast, SCCT controls the dispersion of internal forces for better durability.

SCCT allows Hankook Tire to develop tyres by balancing optimum stiffness with the contact shape. The benefits of this technology are improved performance, safety, cornering, braking and durability.

  • Test Results

  • Spec

    • 315/70R22.5
      • Fuel Efficiency C
      • Wet Grip B
      • External Rolling Noise 73
      • Tube Type / Tubeless L
      • Measuring Rim 9.0X22.5
      • Load Index 154/150L
      • Section Width(mm) 314
      • Tread Width(mm) 290
      • Tread Depth(mm) 15.0
      • Static Loaded Radius(mm) 470
      • Overall Diameter(mm) 1013
      • M+S Y
      • 3PMSF Y
      • Origin Korea

EU Tyre Label

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