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Up to 250% Mileage Life from 1 new tyre

  • Cost competitiveness, safety and respect for the environment are all major issues faced by European Transport professionals.

The Hankook SmartLife Solutions can

  • by extracting the value Hankook build into our Premium TBR tyres.

The Hankook SmartLife Solutions

Delivering "built in" value to dealer 8 fleet partners

· All Hankook TBR tyres are designed and built to be regrooved and retreaded.
· We add 5-8mm more tread rubber under the tread pattern for regrooving.
· We build tyre casings to withstand multiple retreads.

SmartLife Solutions - Extend your tyre life

  • Premium tyres and casings that deliver up to 250% tyre life

1 tyre = 1 casing = 250% tyre life

Be SMART and regroove your Premium Hankook tyres you will save resources, preserve the environment and save money on tyres and fuel.

  • When compared to a Hankook tyre at legal minimum tread depth
  • Vehicle with 4 regrooved tyres covering 120k km per year
  • Tyres improve fuel efficiency as they wear. When a tyre is regrooved you extend the tyre life when it is at its most fuel efficient state


Regrooved tyres wear more slowly than new tyres and also because the tread depth is shallower than a new tyre, so it is more rigid. This rigidity means a reduced road friction, less tyre wear and also a reduced tyre rolling resistance leading to improved fuel efficiency.

Retreading - a smart solution for your business 6 the environment

  • Hot cure retreading requires only 10-20kg of raw materials to manufacture saving 50-55kg raw materials
  • 50 tons of raw materials is saved/recycled in the process, saving the CO₂ needed in new tyre manufacturing
  • Ernest& Young: The socio-economic impact of truck tyre retreading in Europe