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Road Assist 24h

As one of the largest and fastest growing tyre manufacturers, Hankook is not only offering a broad range of high quality tyres for trucks and buses, but also a reliable breakdown service, focusing on the needs of our customers. Wherever in Europe your truck is having a tyre breakdown, we guarantee that quick and competent help will attend within 2 hours.

Thanks to personalised access you can follow up your breakdowns in real time. Simplified administration processes make sure that your company is not having any unnecessary work carried out and Hankook Road Assist 24h unifies high quality products with an excellent service.

All advantages at one glance

  • Network with more than 7,500 truck tyre specialists all over Europe
  • Multilingual call-centre
  • 24/7/365
  • Fixed tyre & service prices
  • No payment on site
  • Real time monitoring of the breakdown via Internet
  • Detailed reports


Being a pan-European breakdown service, Hankook Road Assist 24h offers standardised procedures for all European countries. Wherever you are, just call +32 3540 5121 and the following procedure will be applied:

Request help
· In case of a tyre breakdown call +32 3540 5121
· Multilingual and tyre-trained operators will check your membership and take all the necessary information.

· The operator will choose the most suitable tyre dealer out of the Hankook Road Assist network, to which more than 7,500 dealers belong.
· Within 2 hours competent help will be with you.

Follow Up
· The dealer and fleets can check the real time status via the internet.
· Upon completion of the service a detailed report will be provided.

· During the breakdown no cash is needed.
· The fleet will receive the invoice through their tyre dealer.


The registration to the Hankook Road Assist 24h is simple and free of charge.
To register you just need to contact your local Hankook dealer. Upon subscription to the service, you will receive a breakdown service kit which includes detailed information, your personal membership cards and window stickers for every vehicle belonging to your fleet.
There are no regular fees. Costs will only occur in the case of one your vehicles having had a tyre breakdown and Hankook Road Assist 24 being contacted.
Your Hankook dealer looks forward to assisting you with your subscription.
For further questions, please contact your local Hankook office or any Hankook dealer.


  • To follow up your breakdown in real-time or to receive information about your completed breakdowns please click the below link.

    Tracking information