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Tyre Warranty

Hankook quality policy for guaranteeing customer safety is constantly evolving by employing the latest technology in tyre manufacturing and materials used in tyre construction.

Tyre Warranty or tyres subject to complaint

  • In the unlikely event where the consumer encounters dissatisfaction with our products for whatever the reasons maybe, under consumer law, with particular reference to The Consumer Rights Act 2015, the consumer should contact/visit the retailer where the product was purchased from, or in cases where the product was fitted as original equipment specification to a vehicle purchased from new, then the supplying vehicle dealer should be contacted/visited and in both instances, the legal protocols of consumer law, chain of supply/return is applicable.

  • it must be noted that the retailer/vehicle dealer have a legal responsibility to deal with and assist the consumer in matters of warranty or complaint and if necessary, the return of the tyre(s) back to Hankook Tyre UK Ltd for warranty/complaint assessment and there are no associated return costs to the consumer for this service.

  • To instigate a tyre(s) warranty/complaint and to affect the return of tyre(s), any replacement tyre(s) costs are to be met by the consumer and it is advisable to retain any tyre replacement invoice costs in relation to tyre(s) warranty/complaint claim.

  • The consumer will be required, with assistance from the tyre retailer/vehicle dealer, to complete a legal compliant, recognised UK tyre industry Application Form for Tyre Examination, as per the BTMA (British Tyre Manufacturers Association) guidelines on consumer complaints, Hankook is a member of the BTMA.

  • This Application Form for Tyre Examination can be obtained from the tyre retailer/vehicle dealer and be fully completed by both the consumer and tyre retailer/vehicle dealer, signed and dated and submitted in conjunction with the tyre(s) pending warranty/complaint claim.

  • Hankook Tyre UK will not consider any tyre warranty/complaint claim submitted, unless correct legal compliant documentation is fully completed, signed and dated by both the consumer and the tyre retailer/vehicle dealer, this is to meet Consumer Law and General Data Protection Regulations.

  • On receipt of warranty/complaint tyre(s), Hankook Tyre UK Ltd, after product assessment will inform the consumer of the warranty/complaint status, either by letter or by e mail communication.

Warranty Eligibility

  • The tyre warranty applicable for Passenger Car/Van/SUV/4x4 and Commercial tyres is based upon the premature removal of the tyre from service, before the current UK legal minimum tread depth limit of 1.6mm or 1.0mm for commercial vehicles over 3,500kgs is reached as indicated by the TWI (Tread Wear Indicators), located at various intervals within the main tyre tread grooves.

Warranty/Complaint acceptance

  • In the event where the assessment of the tyre(s) being the consumer property, meets the conditions of acceptance under Hankook Tyre UK Ltd warranty/complaint policies, this is the point where the transfer of ownership of the product (property) of the consumer to Hankook Tyre UK Ltd takes place.

  • Compensation is restricted to the cost of tyre(s) only, based on the tyres remaining tread depth (RTD) against the original tread groove depth (OTD), for commercial vehicles, tyres that have not been subject to regrooving. (Please note: Tyres that can be regrooved will carry the marking Regroovable on both sidewalls of the tyres).

  • Warranty/complaint settlement to the consumer follows the protocols of the chain supply/return, meaning that the original supplying tyre retailer/*vehicle dealership will be responsible for direct reimbursement back to the consumer, subject to their own terms and conditions regarding settlement.

  • (*in certain circumstances Hankook Tyre UK Ltd may have direct consumer involvement).

  • Notification of compensation amounts will be expressed in percentage values to both the consumer and tyre retailer/vehicle dealership, communicated by letter/email/credit note transaction and will be done via Hankook Tyre UK Ltd direct tyre retailer customer base, or via associated Tyre Wholesale supply channels (Hankook Tyre UK Ltd customers) to the tyre retailer/vehicle dealership, following business to business contract transactions.

Warranty/complaint exclusions

  • Time delay to journeys or associated accommodation and meal/refreshments costs, vehicle downtime or vehicle replacement costs, discomfort or inconveniences associated with warranty/complaint assessment. Business/personal costs. Any financial costs incurred, vehicle breakdown costs. Any consequential damage to vehicle(s) or property, injuries caused to person or persons caused directly or indirectly by product usage. *Product repair(s) or materials used for repair carried out by third parties. (*The warranty of the repair and original damage is the responsibility of the repairer). Post manufacture adding of Tyre sealant, Tyre filler or balancing substances that has compromised tyre quality contributing to product failure or dissatisfaction. Irregular tyre wear from misalignment or other mechanical irregularities, ride disturbance and vibrations of wheel assembly imbalance, worn, damaged or faulty vehicle components that has influenced irregular, rapid tyre tread wear, or other reasons for premature removal of the tyre from service. Accidental tyre damage relating to road hazards, punctures, cuts / tears to tread rubber or sidewalls, scuffing, sidewall bulges or impact breaks to the carcass, vandalism. Tyre damage as a result of vehicle collision, fire, chemical contamination or water ingress, materials trapped inside the tyre during mounting and inflation. Improper tyre inflation for the axle loads imposed and incorrect application for service use and failure of correct tyre maintenance, tyre pressures and timely rotation of tyres. Incorrect tyre specification for vehicle and/or service use, damage as a result of fitting or removal, tyre run flat/deflation damage, off road service damage, damage caused by the use of chains. Run flat and Sealant tyres used on vehicles that are not equipped with TMPS (tyre Pressure Monitoring Equipment) or faulty TPMS and /or not fitted as a set of four (4).

  • Any Hankook tyre product incorrectly matched to a vehicle, or failure of timely tyre rotation as specified by the vehicle manufacturer, which requires a complete set of the same size and type of tyre to meet the vehicle transmission, tyre rolling circumference tolerances and precise handling requirements. Incorrect tyre fitment of non-O. E (Original Equipment) specification tyre(s) to vehicles that require O.E approved fitment. Incorrect fitment of tyres to non-approved rims as specified by Hankook Tyre UK Ltd or ETRTO (European Tyre and Rims Technical Organisation). Tyres used in connection with racing/motorsport. Product that has worn below the UK tyre tread depth legal limits of 1.6mm for Passenger car/Van/SUV/4x4 vehicles, 1.0mm for commercial vehicles over 3,500kgs. Any commercial vehicle tyres that have been regrooved. Tyres affected by deterioration from the effects of Ozone and the environment, over four (4) years old from the date of manufacturer (Date of manufacturer, a four-digit (4) number code is found within the DOT number applied in full to one side of the tyre sidewall) and product that has not been stored to Hankook Tyre UK Ltd correct conditions. Any tyre that has been cosmetically altered to change its appearance, the removal of the DOT number, or by cutting and buffing or has cosmetic dressings applied, that has given reason for removal or dissatisfaction. Tyres that have no E markings and approval numbers, subject to legal requirements to be used in the UK and mainland Europe.