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Driving Tips

Winter Driving

Winter tyres are designed to exhibit excellent braking power and handling on snow or ice-covered roads. Learning to use the right type of tyres and to drive properly will ensure a safer driving experience in winter.

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Importance of Winter Tyres

  • For increased safety be sure to change all four tyres to winter tyres.
    Winter tyres are made with a different rubber compound that has better grip in cold weather and an optimised tread width. This difference provides extra grip which prevents the car from slipping on snowy or icy roads. Even cars equipped with four-wheel drive need winter tyres.

Braking Distance of Winter Tyres in Comparison to Summer Tyres

Click the ‘Start’ button to find out the difference between braking distances of summer and winter tyres.

Factors to Consider When Driving In Wintery Conditions

  • Before turning a corner be sure to slow down.
  • If you do accelerate or brake abruptly, you may lose control of your vehicle.
  • Use brakes on straight roads.
  • Refrain from switching lanes on roads with a lot of snow.
  • On icy roads you need at least eight times the distance compared to a dry road. Keep your distance from the vehicle in front of you.