Vantra LT (RA18)

  • Summer

A durable summer tyre for commercial vans and transport vehicles A summer radial tyre for commercial vans and transport vehicles, the Vantra LT provides excellent durability, increased mileage as well as excellent wet performance and a balanced footprint. Even under heavy loads, stability is maintained, increasing driver safety.

  • winter_ms

    M + S : Mud + Snow


Tyre Pattern

  • Application of 3-channel wide grooves

    Reduces hydroplaning and increases performance and safety at high speed.

  • Optimum groove location width with durable contact patch technology

    Optimised groove position ensures stability in the outer grounding footprint area.

  • Apply new 3D lateral groove

    Enhances performance in snow and wet conditions without sacrificing block strength.

  • Optimised pattern noise

    Apply centre rib in centre area.

  • Apply optimised block stiffness

    Reduces wear and increases dry braking performance.

  • Apply sidewall protect shield

    Prevents sidewall damage from the curb stone using low pressure conditions.


Tyre Structure

Reinforced belt

Ensures durable performance through reinforcement belt layer.

Double steel belt

Ensures durability for the tyre.

Inner liner

Prevents air leakage and maintains the internal pressure.


Maintains tyre shape.

Bead filler

Enhanced rim joint stiffness for handling performance.

Bead wire

Test Results

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Load Index
Speed Symbol
Fuel Efficiency
Wet Grip
External Rolling Noise
155R13 E C 70 88 R
175/65R14 E B 70 88 T
175/70R14 E B 70 93 T
175R14 C B 70 98 Q
185/75R16 E C 70 102 R
185R14 C B 70 100 R
185R15 C B 70 102 R
195/60R16 C B 70 97 H
195/65R16 E C 70 98 T
195/65R16 E C 70 102 R
195/70R15 C B 70 102 R
195/75R16 C B 70 105 R
195/75R16 E C 70 108 R
205/65R15 C B 70 100 T
205/65R16 B A 73 101 H
205/65R16 A B 72 105 T
205/65R16 C B 70 105 T
205/65R16 E C 69 105 T
205/70R15 C B 70 104 R
205/75R16 E C 70 108 R
205/75R16 E C 70 111 R
215/60R16 C B 70 101 T
215/65R15 C B 70 102 T
215/65R16 C B 71 107 R
215/65R17 C C 70 104 T
215/70R15 E C 70 107 S
215/75R16 E C 70 111 R
215/75R16 E C 70 114 R
215R14 C B 70 110 Q
225/65R16 C B 70 110 R
225/70R15 E C 70 110 S
225/75R16 C C 70 120 R
235/65R16 B B 71 113 R
235/65R16 C C 70 113 R
235/65R16 B C 69 119 R

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    Vantra LT(RA18)

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