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Vantra Trailer

The first special trailer tire of exceptional durability and stability

  • Regional Haul
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Durable & Long-Lasting even under Heavy Loads

Hankook Tire & Technology-Tires-Vantra-Vantra Trailer-ST01-Durable & Long-Lasting even under Heavy Loads


Reinforced structure and optimized pattern design maximize Vantra Trailer durability.

High stiffness pattern block

Pattern block ratio design optimized for high load condition.

Performance test result

Optimized curing temperature helps improve aging durability performance.

Belt edge tape

Stronger bonding between the belts ensures driving stability at high speeds, and the durable structure is designed to sustain vehicle loads.

Decoupling groove

Optimized decoupling groove prevent heat generation in the shoulder part due to heavy loads.

Groove stiffness

Each groove design with high stiffness for heavy loads.

Long Life

Superior carbon black compound and optimized footprint adapted for longer life.

High structure and small particle size carbon

Super abrasion structure carbon black provides low rolling resistance, delivering high mileage to drivers.

Optimized footprint by simulation

Results in more evenly distributed stress, leads to longer tread life and uniform wear under heavy loads.

Performance Test Result

Optimized rubber matrix & tire structure help to maintain the stable shape of the tire for a long time.