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Care Guide

Truck & Bus Tire Usage Guide

This guide will help you choose the most appropriate tire driving condition and region.


Long Haul

A long haul tire is ideally suited for long distance driving on express highways and good road conditions. It not only saves fuel consumption, but also provides excellent riding comfort and handling performance.


Regional Haul

Regional haul is engineered for driving pleasure on state roads. It has excellent traction and grip. Similar to the regional haul, long and regional haul is for not only state roads but also long distance. It has well-balanced fuel efficiency, traction and grip.



An urban tire is primarily used for driving through city streets. With greater wear resistance, the urban tire has a long life and designed to provide exceptional braking and driving performance.


On & Off Road

Mixed on/off road tires provide distinguished traction on unpaved roads to deliver high performance and to resist cutting and/or chipping.



A winter tire provides road-hugging on snowy and icy roads to provide secure control. Its braking performance is unbeatable due to its excellent grip and traction. It delivers precise handling and prevents skidding on slippery roads.