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Smart Work DM09

Tough on-site, strong on the road!


  • On & Off Road
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Tough on site, safe on the road

Hankook Tire & Technology-Tires-Smart-Smart Work-DM09-Tough on site, safe on the road

Pattern design

Directional pattern

The directional pattern is adopted for excellent handling meaning better traction performance is provided even in wet and muddy conditions.

Interblock tie-bar

The interblock tie-bar at the centre guarantees outstanding straight driving performance and impact dispersion for blocks, thereby improving durability.

Pattern design

Tapered block and open shoulder design

The improved groove shape design ensures tire reliability by effectively discharging stone chips. The tapered block design ensures a flexible response to lateral impact.

Lateral asymmetrical grooves

Regularly misaligned lateral grooves help to prevent impact burst.

TBR Technology

Innovative Mixing System(IMS)

Innovative Mixing System (IMS) minimizes the breakdown and oxidation of polymer chains and has a higher dispersion degree of carbon black. The effects of IMS helps to strengthen the binding force between the carbon black and rubber to ensure longer mileage and to lower the heat generation of compounds for improved fuel efficiency.

Stiffness Control Contour Theory Technology(SCCT Technology)

SCCT Technology is designed to reduce profile deformation. If the carcass profile is not kept constant, the internal force on the carcass will be concentrated on a specific point, belt edge or carcass turn-up edge. In contrast, SCCT Technology controls the dispersion of internal force for better durability.

Tire Structure

Test Result

Improved performance compared to it's predecessor tire

Mileage field test result

  • Specs

    • 11R22.5
      • Material Code 3002891
      • Tube Type / Tubeless L
      • Ply Rating 16
      • Measuring Rim 8.25X22.5
      • Load Index 148/145K
      • Section Width(mm) 286
      • Section Width(inch) 11.3
      • Tread Width(inch) 9.6
      • Tread Depth(mm) 23.5
      • Tread Depth(32nds) 30
      • Static Loaded Radius(inch) 19.8
      • Overall Diameter(mm) 1071
      • Overall Diameter(inch) 42.2
      • Tire Weight(lbs.) 135
      • M+S Y
      • 3PMSF Y
      • Origin China