Winter i*pike RS (W419)

  • Winter
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New standard for performance winter tire The new generation of studdable tires delivering advanced snow and ice performance.

  • winter_ms

    M + S : Mud + Snow

  • winter_sf

    3PMSF : 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake

Driving Style

Snow Ice


Tire Pattern

  • Aqua slant

    Provides efficient water evacuation and winter performance.

  • 3D sipes

    Provides enhanced driving stabilities by minimizing block movement.

  • Multi-directional stud

    Provides impressive ice braking & snow traction performance with snow slit.

  • Snow slit

    An advanced snow slit design, along with studdable tread blocks, help to maximize ice braking and snow traction.

  • Spuit hole

    Maximizes wet performance on slushy road by absorbing water from the tire's contact patch.

  • Aggressive 2-in-1 block

    Provides impressive ice and snow traction.

  • Husky slit

    Maximizes ice barking on icy road by using siberian husky’s footprint.

  • Husky claw edge

    Maximize the snow traction by sharp 3D edge.


Tire Structure

High grip silica compound

Offers superior wet traction and lower rolling resistance for improved vehicle fuel economy.

Wide steel belt layer

Ensures optimal tread stiffness and improves handling performance.

Equilibrium carcass line

Minimizes tire deformation and allows greater sidewall stiffness.

Adoption of high-hardness bead filler

Improved handling and steering response.

Strong single strand bead wire

Improved bead uniformity and durability.


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Load Index
Speed Symbol
Fuel Efficiency
Wet Grip
External Rolling Noise
175/65R14 X X X 86 T
175/70R13 X X X 82 T
175/70R14 X X X 88 T
185/55R15 X X X 86 T
185/60R14 X X X 82 T
185/60R15 X X X 88 T
185/65R14 X X X 90 T
185/65R15 X X X 92 T
185/70R14 X X X 92 T
195/55R15 X X X 89 T
195/55R16 X X X 91 T
195/60R15 X X X 92 T
195/65R15 X X X 95 T
195/70R14 X X X 91 T
205/50R17 X X X 93 T
205/55R16 X X X 94 T
205/60R15 X X X 91 T
205/60R16 X X X 96 T
205/65R15 X X X 94 T
205/65R16 X X X 95 T
215/45R17 X X X 91 T
215/50R17 X X X 95 T
215/55R16 X X X 97 T
215/55R17 X X X 98 T
215/60R16 X X X 99 T
215/65R16 X X X 98 T
225/45R17 X X X 94 T
225/50R17 X X X 98 T
225/55R16 X X X 99 T
225/55R17 X X X 101 T
225/60R16 X X X 102 T
235/45R17 X X X 97 T
235/55R17 X X X 103 T
245/45R18 X X X 100 T
P195/75R14 X X X 92 T
P205/75R14 X X X 95 T
P215/70R15 X X X 97 T
P215/75R15 X X X 100 T

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