Optimo H727 (H727)

  • All-Season
  • Premium

The premium all-season tire with upgraded mileage efficiency Developed for the long-distance driver, the Optimo H727 provides high mileage and reduced noise for comfortable driving.

  • winter_ms

    M + S : Mud + Snow

Driving Style

Sport Comfort


Tire Pattern

  • Solid centerline rib

    Improves driving feel and stability.

  • 4 circumferential grooves

    Quickly evacuates water from the footprint.

  • Converging lateral slots

    Reduces noise and provides greater stability and ride comfort.

  • High density siping

    Hundreds of biting edges to improve snow traction.


Tire Structure

Sidewall compound

Sidewall compound specially formulated to resist oxidization, aging, cracking and abrasion.

Reinforcement belt (nylon full cover)

Improve high speed stability and/or maximizes the tire’s road contact for improved handling.

Two coated steel belts

Two extra-wide high tensile steel belts give the tire crisp handling and flex to absorb road shocks.

Optimized sidewall shape

Sidewall shape optimized to bend gently-reducing stresses and improving ride comfort.


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Load Index
Speed Symbol
Fuel Efficiency
Wet Grip
External Rolling Noise
225/65R16 X X X 100 T
P185/60R15 X X X 84 T
P185/65R14 X X X 85 T
P195/60R15 X X X 87 T
P195/65R15 X X X 89 T
P205/55R16 X X X 89 T
P205/60R16 X X X 91 T
P205/65R15 X X X 92 T
P205/65R16 X X X 94 H
P205/70R15 X X X 95 T
P215/55R18 X X X 94 H
P215/60R16 X X X 94 T
P215/60R17 X X X 95 T
P215/65R16 X X X 96 T
P215/65R17 X X X 98 T
P215/70R15 X X X 97 T
P225/50R18 X X X 94 T
P225/55R17 X X X 95 H
P225/55R18 X X X 97 T
P225/60R16 X X X 97 T
P225/60R17 X X X 98 H
P225/65R17 X X X 100 T
P235/60R17 X X X 100 T
P235/65R16 X X X 101 T

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  • Optimo H727(H727)

    Optimo H727(H727)

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