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Smart Flex AH51

Steering axle tyre delivering premium performance in all regional haul conditions during the whole tyre life


  • Regional Haul
Tractor/Trailer Recommended
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Getting better CPK, Reducing fuel consumption, Securing your safety

Getting better CPK

Minimised cost per kilometre 10% less than predecessor

Mileage performance

CPX Index table

Pattern Design

Tread Wear Equalised Stepper (T.W.E.S.)

Small step-shaped blocks provide even wearing and prevent stone trapping, resulting in a long tyre life.

3-Dimensional Sipe

Deliver excellent mileage and traction performance with reduced irregular wear which enhances fuel efficiency.

Pattern Design

Stiffness Control Contour Theory (SCCT Technology)

SCCT Technology is designed to reduce profile deformation. If the carcass profile is not kept constant, the internal force on the carcass will be concentrated on a specific point (belt edge or carcass turn up edge). In contrast, SCCT technology controls the dispersion of internal force for better durability.

Reducing fuel consumption

Rolling Resistance performance

Innovative Mixing System (IMS)

Innovative Mixing System (IMS) minimises the breakdown and oxidation of polymer chains and has a higher dispersion degree of carbon black. The effects of IMS help to strengthen the bonding force between the carbon black and rubber to ensure longer mileage and to lower the heat generation of compounds for improved fuel efficiency.

Optimised block size

Wide tread blocks enhance the tyre's rigidity and improve the mileage while delivering a low rolling resistance.

Securing your safety

Wet braking performance

Shorter braking distance.

Hidden groove

These hidden grooves appear as the tyre wears. This creates new water channels and gripping surfaces, giving better wet grip traction.

Shorter braking distances and safer driving (Comparision with Worn Tyre)

Hankook premium technologies deliver excellent grip and safety in all road conditions from the first to last mm of tread.


Hankook premium tyres are manufactured with robust carcass design and additional regroove tread rubber to deliver a second regrooved tyre life and a third retread life.

  • Spec

    • 295/80R22.5
      • Fuel Efficiency C
      • Wet Grip B
      • External Rolling Noise 72
      • Tube Type / Tubeless L
      • Ply Rating 18
      • Measuring Rim 9.00X22.5
      • Load Index 154/149M
      • Section Width(mm) 306
      • Tread Width(mm) 246
      • Tread Depth(mm) 14.9
      • Overall Diameter(mm) 1052
      • M+S Y
      • 3PMSF Y
      • Origin China
    • 315/80R22.5
      • Fuel Efficiency C
      • Wet Grip B
      • External Rolling Noise 72
      • Tube Type / Tubeless L
      • Ply Rating 20
      • Measuring Rim 9.00X22.5
      • Load Index 156/150L
      • Section Width(mm) 320
      • Tread Width(mm) 260
      • Tread Depth(mm) 16.5
      • Overall Diameter(mm) 1081
      • M+S Y
      • 3PMSF Y
      • Origin China
    • 385/65R22.5
      • Fuel Efficiency B
      • Wet Grip B
      • External Rolling Noise 70
      • Tube Type / Tubeless L
      • Ply Rating 20
      • Measuring Rim 11.75X22.5
      • Load Index 160K
      • Section Width(mm) 381
      • Tread Width(mm) 308
      • Tread Depth(mm) 14.0
      • Static Loaded Radius(mm) 498
      • Overall Diameter(mm) 1071
      • M+S Y
      • 3PMSF Y
      • Origin China