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Tyre Warranty

Our quality policy for guaranteeing customers’ safety. Hankook is constantly striving to ensure the highest quality of goods.

  • Standard Warranty
    • Standard Warranty

      Should any tyre covered by this Standard warranty become unusable due to a workmanship or material related condition during its usable tread life (more than minimum groove depth), Hankook will give a credit by the percentage of original tread depth remaining on the tyre.


      This standard warranty applies to the purchaser of any new tyre manufactured by HANKOOK Tire Co., Ltd. Eligible tyres shall be used on the vehicle on which they were installed according to Hankook’s recommendation.

      Customers must lodge a claim for the cost price of the tyre.


      1. Warranty Validity

      This warranty is valid till reaching the minimum depth of groove index Tread Wear Indicator* or 5 years from purchased date, whichever occurs first.

      TWI: Tread Wear Indicator – Minimum groove depth to use the tyre by law (1.6mm)

    • 2. Conditions of Claim

      • 1)Customers must make a claim from the store where the tyres were purchased. The store will then contact Hankook directly..
      • 2)Tyres must be purchased through authorised Hankook Tyre Australia dealers.
      • 3) Hankook Tyre Australia reserves the right to inspect a claimed tyre(s), to assess eligibility, and to contact a customer to verify the claim.
      • 4)Claim must be accompanied by original customer invoice, containing all the following information:
        • A.Customer name and address, and purchase date
        • B.Customer contact details (phone and/or email)
        • C.ustomer vehicle make, model and mileage
      • 5) For tyres that are fitted as original equipment, please contact the dealership where you purchased your car. The dealership representative will follow the procedures to the Hankook Tyre Australia claim process.
      • 6)Each claim can only be examined by Hankook or Hankook's Authorised Dealer.
      • 7)In order to make a correct inspection by Hankook or by Hankook’s authorized dealer, the customer is obliged to deliver the product to one of the service points including the rim on which it was used if the tyre fault is visible only after filling it with the air.
      • 8)Hankook Tyre Australia reserves the right to reject a claim based on the tyre not meeting any of the above criteria, or if recommended tyre care guidelines are not followed.

      NOTE TO DEALERS : To eliminate fraudulent claims, no warranty claim will be approved without customer contact information, and meeting the above criteria.

    • What is not Covered

      This standard warranty does not apply to tyres which are being serviced under the following conditions:

      • 1.Any products that were repaired regardless of method, scope of repair and person who made the repair.
      • 2.Premature/Irregular wear or tyre damage due to:
        • 1)Road hazards such as punctures, cuts, snags, scuffs, carcass bruised or impact breaks.
        • 2)Fire, wreck or collision.
        • 3) Improper inflation, overloading, high speed spinning, improper mounting or demounting, running flat, off-road use, racing, vandalism, wilful damage or abuse.
        • 4)Misalignment, wheel imbalance, defective brakes or shock absorber use of tyre chains.
        • 5)Any tyre which has failed as a result of adding material (e.g. tyre fillers, sealant, or balancing substances)
      • 3. Continued use while flat or service under/over inflation.
      • 4. Ozone or weather cracking on tyres over four (4) years old from the date of manufacture
      • 5. With less than the minimum tread wear depth of 1.6mm.
      • 6. With the serial number cut or buffed.
      • 7. Ride disturbance due to abnormal wheels or after the first 0.8mm of treadwear or 5,000km or 1 year from date of purchase, whichever occurs first.
      • 8. The warranty does not cover compensation for time delays, temporary vehicle stoppage, discomfort and costs and inconvenience related to claim submission, calling technical service, extra travel time, extra wages, vehicle downloading, hiring substitute vehicle, vehicle reloading.
      • 9. The warranty does not cover any financial losses: profit, income, expected savings, company value losses and etc.
      • 10. The warranty does not cover any other damages, losses and injuries caused directly or indirectly by product fault, assembly mistakes or carelessness, or any mistake of providing tyre services.
      • 11. The warranty does not cover Hankook branded tyres that are imported and sold by unauthorized dealers of Hankook Australia Pty Ltd.

      All tyres must be routinely inspected for damage or abnormality and removed from service or repaired as needed. All inflation pressure must be checked with a gauge and maintained at recommended levels. Failure to do the preceding or to abuse or otherwise improperly maintain your tyres may result in premature deterioration, tyre failure, accident and injury or death.

  • Road Hazard Warranty
    • Hankook will replace a range of Ventus tyres which are damaged by road hazards

      You’ve made the right decision by choosing Hankook Tyres. The last thing you want is for your quality tyres to be damaged by road hazards. You shouldn’t be worried about bearing the costs of dangers outside of your control such as potholes, nails and debris. We want you back on the road and we want you to stay there for longer. This is why we offer a replacement warranty at no extra cost for a range of Ventus tyres, as a thank you for purchasing Hankook. Be one with it.

    • Terms & Conditions

    • Hankook Tyre Road Hazard Warranty Criteria Hankook Tyre Australia will warrant a Hankook tyre against road hazards, within the first 12 months of tyre use (conditions apply

      1. Customer Claims Conditions

      • 1) Warranty is effective for all purchases from 1st November 2014.
      • 2)Tread must be no more than 25% worn from manufacturer new tread depth specifications.
      • 3) Claim must be made within one year from the purchase date, accompanied by an original customer invoice, including customer details set out below.
      • 4)Hankook Tyre Australia reserves the right to inspect a claimed tyre(s), to assess eligibility, and to contact a customer to verify the claim.
      • 5) Tyres must be purchased through authorised Hankook Tyre Australia dealers.
      • 6)Damage caused by mechanical and wheel alignment issues, inflation other than that stated on the vehicle placard including over/underinflation, vandalism, competition/racing or commercial and taxi use is not covered.
      • 7) Hankook Tyre Australia reserves the right to reject a claim based on the tyre not meeting any or all of the above criteria.
      • 8) The Ventus Road Hazard Warranty is different to the Original Equipment Guarantee.
    • 2. Inclusion/exclusions
      All Hankook Ventus branded tyres covered under this Road Hazard warranty, excluding:

      • 1) Original equipment tyres – the original equipment tyres on a vehicle.
      • 2)Runflat tyres.
      • 3) Competition tyres (including but not limited to F200, Z206, Z207, Z221, Z214, Z209, Z210, Z213, R201, R202, R203, R204, SR10).
    • 3. Requirements
      In the event of a customer claim, AND TO AVOID FRAUDULENT CLAIMS, the following criteria must be met by the dealer submitting the claim:

      • 1) Tread must be no more than 25% worn from new.
      • 2)Claim must be made within one year from the purchase date listed on invoice.
      • 3)Claim must be accompanied by original customer invoice, containing all the following information:
        • A. Customer name and address, and purchase date
        • B. Customer contact details (phone and/or email)
        • C. Customer vehicle make, model and mileage
        • D. Hankook tyre pattern, size and pressures (if applicable)
      • 4) Note that minor repairs to the tyre are permitted in accordance with the Australian Tyre Repair Standard. Claim is only valid if the tyre is unserviceable (eg: unable to be repaired by a minicombi-repair). A tyre with more than one penetration will require replacement. The Warranty covers tyres that are no longer useable due to road hazard damage.
      • 5) Claims may be rejected if the above criteria is not met, or recommended tyre care guidelines are not followed.
      • 6)Warranty is effective for all purchases from 1st November 2014. Tyres purchased before 1st November 2014 may be eligible for the supplanted Hankook Road Hazard Replacement Guarantee.
    • 4. Dealer information
      Assess the above criteria regarding the validity of the claim. Dealers are recommended to assure and provide customer satisfaction. A legitimate and successful claim should result in the following:

      • 1) A new tyre with the same size and pattern being fitted to the customer’s vehicle free of charge.
        • A.If not in stock, arrange for same-day delivery where possible.
        • B. Dealer to retain the claimed tyre for assessment by a Hankook representative.
      • 2) Taxes, service charges, fitting, balancing and scrap fees to be covered by dealer. No charge is to be passed on to the customer for these services.
  • Mileage Warranty
    • Dynapro HP2 (RA33) gets 80,000km Mileage Guarantee

      At Hankook Tyre, we believe in going the distance. Which is why our mileage warranty is designed to give you 80,000 kms of ‘no fuss’ driving on our Hankook Dynapro HP2 (RA33) SUV tyre.
      That’s almost the equivalent of driving around Australia 6 times!

    • Terms & Conditions

    • To be eligible for the Mileage Warranty of Dynapro HP2

      To be eligible for the Mileage Warranty of Dynapro HP2

      • 1. Tyres in a set of 4 or more plus a wheel alignment must be purchased in a single transaction at a Hankook authorised dealer.
      • 2. The size of the tyre must be included in the list of sizes covered by the Mileage Warranty program.
      • 3. Dealers and customers must agree to the Terms and Conditions and sign on the signature space of the Service Booklet.
      • 4. At the time of purchase, wheel balancing and alignment must be conducted.
      • 5. The service must be conducted every 10,000 km or 6 months, whichever comes first, at a Hankook authorised dealer. Tyres must be rotated at every service, and the service must include visual inspection, checking for appropriate tyre pressure, wheel balancing and alignment, and receiving appropriate services when needed.
      • 6. The original purchase invoice, wheel alignment invoices and Service Booklet should be retained for the whole period of mileage warranty program.
      • 7. Replacement tyre refers to Dynapro HP2 or an equivalent Hankook tyre of our choice should Dynapro HP2 become unavailable.

      Warranty is not transferable for a change of vehicle ownership, and expires after the warrantied kilometres or 5 years from the date of purchase, whichever comes first.

    • Exclusions

    • This Warranty excludes the following

      • 1. Tyres which are unevenly worn down to the tread wear indicators.
      • 2. Tyre sizes which are not qualified under the list of Mileage Warranty program.
      • 3. Damages including but not limited to punctures, gutter damage, breaks/cuts from foreign object, vandalism, wilful damage or chemical degradation.
      • 4. Wear caused by improper use, including but not limited to improper inflation, overloading, wheel imbalance, defective vehicle mechanical components, misalignment and off-road use.
      • 5. Tyres used in commercial services, motorsport, competitive use and towing.
      • 6. Tyres supplied as original equipment.
      • 7. Any tyre that has not been repaired in accordance with the industry standards.

      All four Dynapro HP2 tyres must be fitted to the same vehicle to be eligible. Liability and losses of a consequential nature are limited to the extent permitted by law.

      For more information regarding the Hankook Dynapro HP2 (RA33) Mileage Warranty program, please download the Mileage warranty program service booklet . Dealers can download the leaflet to find out how it works for them