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Dynapro HP2

High-performance tyre for luxury SUVs

Key features
  • SUV
  • Van / Transporter
  • All Weather
  • M+S
  • Noise
  • Wet
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Provides excellent wet and dry performance

Hankook Tire & Technology-Tires-Dunapro-Dynapro HP2-RA33-Provides excellent wet and dry performance

Wet performance

Straight 4-channel waterway

Resists hydroplaning for a safer drive in wet road conditions.

Aqua sipes and groove

Slanted sipes improve wet condition handling and provide extra durability, while the lateral grooves prevent hydroplaning.

Dry performance

Silencer sipes

Minimises noise for a pleasant ride.

High stiffness center rib

Stiff center tread blocks provide precise steering.

Dry performance

Ride and noise performance

Optimised tread block stiffness and profile

Foot print

Silencer sipes

  • Spec

    • 215/70R16
      • Fuel Efficiency D
      • Wet Grip D
      • Noise 70
      • Max Load / Load Index 800/100
      • Speed Symbol H
      • Foam N
      • Run Flat N
      • Sealant N
      • Studded N
    • 255/50R20 XL
      • Fuel Efficiency C
      • Wet Grip D
      • Noise 69
      • Max Load / Load Index 1030/109
      • Speed Symbol V
      • Foam N
      • Run Flat N
      • Sealant N
      • Studded N