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Super Taikyu Series 2022 SUGO 3H Powered by Hankook ends

2022. 07. 14

-  The third round of the season, Super Taikyu SUGO 3 Hour Race, held July 9 – 10 in Sportsland SUGO
-  Grid Motorsport AMG GT3 takes victory in Group 1 race and TRACYSPORTS with DELTA in Group 2 race
-  Hankook Tire is a title sponsor and an exclusive tire supplier of the Super Taikyu since the last season

Seoul, Korea, July 14, 2022 - The third round of the ENEOS Super Taikyu Series 2022 powered by Hankook, Super Taikyu SUGO 3 Hour Race, ended on July 10 (local time). Grid Motorsport AMG GT3 (#888) took a commanding win in the Group 1 race and TRACYSPORTS with DELTA in the Group 2 race.

Super Taikyu SUGO 3H Race presented viewers with an exciting opportunity to get a sneak peek at future mobility. Captivating many, a variety of race cars including hydrogen-fueled vehicles and biodiesel vehicles participated. Premium brands such as Porsche, McLaren, and Mercedes-Benz, as well as Japan's leading sports car brands such as Nissan GT-R and Toyota Supra, were also among the participants.

Three hours of breathtaking action took place at the Sportsland SUGO Stadium in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. The Sportsland SUGO features a total circuit length of 3,737.5 meters, with the longest straight line being 704.5 meters. With a history of providing unexpected wins, frequent crashes, and 13 corners packed in a relatively short circuit, the Sportsland Sugo is regarded as a challenging circuit for drivers.

Due to large number of participants compared to the short length of the course, 49 cars were split into two groups to compete in a pair of three-hour races.

The Group 1 race featured seven ST-X (GT3) cars, eight ST-Z (GT4) cars, three ST-1 cars, and two petrol powered cars in the ST-Q class, totaling 20 cars in the field. In the midst of fierce pursuit of cars battling for lead position, the race finished with Grid Motorsport AMG GT3 (#888) in the ST-X class taking its first victory in the season after completing the race in 3h01’08.484.

The Group 2 race was headlined by six ST-3 cars, five ST-4 cars, fifteen ST-5 cars, and three ST-Q cars. In order to adjust the number of participants, cars from the ST-2 class did not take part. In the Group 2 race, TRACYSPORTS with DELTA (#63) in the ST-3 class claimed a proud victory ending the race in 3h00’21.361.

The Super Taikyu Series was launched in Japan in 1991, and is now the largest Endurance Grand Touring (GT) Series in Asia. It offers extra enjoyment for spectators and fans by allowing not only race cars but also production cars that are modified into racing cars to enter the race.

Hankook has been taking part as a title sponsor and an exclusive tire supplier of the Super Taikyu Series since the last season. Hankook supplies two sets of its race tires to all participants that offer optimal support with impressive performance. As a dry tire and a high-tech slick tire, the Ventus F200 offers optimized driving performance including excellent durability and grip. For wet surface use, the Ventus Z207 effectively prevents hydroplaning for steering stability and maximized drainage performance.

Hankook Tire currently supplies racing tires to over 70 global motorsports competitions or teams around the world in dedication of expanding motorsports culture. As part, Hankook was designated as the official exclusive supplier and technology partner of the ABB FIA Formula E World Series, the world’s most prestigious electric vehicle racing competition, from the 2022/23 season when the Gen3 racing cars are introduced.

Super Taikyu 2022 Powered by Hankook Calendar (local time)

Round Month/Day Circuit
Official Test 1 February 23 (Wed) Fuji International Speedway
Round 1 March 19 (Sat) to 20 (Sun) Suzuka Circuit
Official Test 2 May 10 (Tue) Fuji International Speedway
Round 2 June 3 (Fri) -5 (Sun) Fuji International Speedway
Round 3 July 9 (Sat) -July 10 (Sun) Sportsland SUGO
Round 4 July 30 (Sat) -July 31 (Sun) AUTOPOLIS
Round 5 September 3 (Sat) - 4 (Sun) Twin Ring Motegi
Round 6 October 15 (Sat) -16 (Sun) Okayama International Circuit
Round 7 November 26 (Sat) -27 (Sun) Suzuka Circuit