Kinergy EX

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Total balance for everyday driving

  • Optimised for ride comfort
  • Impressive noise control
  • Better wear performance
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    M + S : Mud + Snow


Tyre Pattern

  • Shoulder groove width design

    • Optimised shoulder groove design helps to prevent unwanted road noise while driving.
    • Groove width variation improves water drainage and maximises wet condition performance.

  • Pitch design

    An optimal 5 pitch tread design reduces noise.

  • New silica compound application

    Rolling resistance is lowered through use of an advanced silica tread compound for improved vehicle fuel efficiency.

  • Optimal sipe design technology

    Advanced tread block and sipe designs are incorporated for improved traction and comfort.

  • Vibration & noise technology

    Unwanted noise and vibration are reduced by optimising the tyre’s contact with the road surface.

  • VAI system

    A Visual Alignment Indicator system allows drivers to check vehicle alignment by comparing tyre’s interior and exterior wear condition easily.

  • Optimal 4-grooves

    An optimal 4 groove design improves wet condition braking and traction performance.


Tyre Structure

High dispersion silica tread compound

High dispersion silica compound provide excellent ride, noise performances & lower rolling resistance.

Wide 2 steel belt

Wide 2 steel belt provides optimised foot shape & improved handling performance.

Super high turn up carcass

Sidewall reinforced by super high turn up carcass line. Enhanced sidewall provides superior protection abilities form the impact damages.

High-hardness bead filler

Ensures enhanced handling and steering response.

Strong single strand bead wire

Strong bead wire provides improved uniformity and durability.

Rim protect bar

High stiffness protector shape compound protect the rim surface from the various impacts.


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Compatible Size
Load Index
Speed Symbol
Fuel Efficiency
Wet Grip
External Rolling Noise
175/60R15 185/55R15
X X X 81 H
175/65R15 185/60R15
X X X 84 H
195/60R16 205/55R16
X X X 89 H
195/70R14 205/65R14
X X X 91 T

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