Hankook Tire unveils Asia’s largest proving ground, Hankook Technoring go to main prd


Hankook Tire unveils Asia’s largest proving ground, Hankook Technoring

2022. 05. 25

- Opening ceremony held on May 25 for new proving ground located in Taean, South Korea
- As large as 125 football fields combined and equipped with 13 testing tracks
- Expanding R&D infrastructure for future mobility and Hankook products

Seoul, Korea, May 25, 2022 – Global leading tire company Hankook Tire & Technology (Hankook Tire) announced the opening of Hankook Technoring, a new proving ground built in Taean, South Korea. Being the largest proving ground in Asia, it will serve as state-of-the-art R&D facilities for Hankook’s most advanced products to come.

Hankook Tire held an inaugural ceremony at Hankook Technoring on May 25, inviting media and partners to attend. At the ceremony, Hyunbum Cho, Chairman and CEO of Hankook & Company, Sooil Lee, President and CEO of Hankook Tire, Jongseon Ahn, Chief Operating Officer of Hankook & Company, Jongho Park, President and Chief Administrative Officer of Hankook Tire, and Bonhee Ku, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Hankook Tire were present. The company delivered a presentation on Hankook’s mid-and-long-term innovation strategy and commitment with Hankook Technoring for sustainable growth.

Hankook Technoring is the biggest proving ground in Asia covering 1.26 million square meters. It is as large as 125 soccer fields combined, featuring the longest test track in Asia. Comprising 13 testing tracks, the new proving ground enables rigorous testing of Hankook’s most advanced products including electric vehicle and supercar tires. The test tracks are designed to accommodate all types of vehicles from supercars to trucks and buses, and testing capabilities include high-speed driving test at up to 250km/h.

The proving ground is also equipped with a control tower, office buildings, workshops, fueling stations, and electric vehicle charging stations. The 37.1-meter-high control tower manages test progress through integrated monitoring systems to consider various test surface and climate conditions.

“Tires, being the only media in a vehicle that makes contact with the road surface, is the key for maximizing vehicle performance, providing safety, satisfying fuel efficiency, and driving comfort. This is why we at Hankook recognize the need for various testing grounds to ensure best product quality in all conditions,” says Hyunbum Cho, Chairman and CEO of Hankook & Company.

Through the completion of the Hankook Technoring, Hankook Tire has established a complete R&D infrastructure for further advancing its innovation capabilities. This infrastructure is expected to create synergy with Hankook’s existing facilities, which include Hankook Technoplex, the global headquarters as well as a control tower for designing innovative products and building a mid-and-long-term strategy. Original technologies are developed and secured at Hankook Technodome, the central R&D center equipped with high technologies.

The strengthened R&D infrastructure will allow Hankook to continue taking the lead of the automotive industry in the future. As a mecca for breakthrough innovations, Hankook Technoring will play a pivotal role in providing optimal solutions for upcoming e-mobility and autonomous vehicle era, meeting premium carmakers’ stringent and diversified demands.

With accumulated data from actual tests at Hankook Technoring, Hankook also plans to accelerate its digital transformation. The company will build a big data analysis platform and develop Virtual Optimization Technology based on artificial intelligence. In the future, Hankook also aims to create a database of responses of tires and vehicles tested in the most severe environment, with which Hankook will build a Digital Twin for securing original and innovative technologies to apply for future mobility.

Furthermore, Hankook Tire plans to actively seek cooperation with various mobility companies, research and educational institutions, and startups while fostering a driving culture by utilizing the state-of-the-art infrastructure of Hankook Technoring. This will lead the company not only to continue innovating its R&D capabilities but also to contribute to the advancement of global mobility technology.