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Hankook Tire Introduces Ventus R-s4, a New Semi-Slick Tire with Extreme Ultra-High Performance

2017. 03. 09

  • - Hankook Tire launches Ventus R-s4, its new semi-slick tire equipped with technology and performance
  • - Tested by a professional racer in Yeongam F1 track, Ventus R-s4 will satisfy both professional car racers and general drivers

9 March 2017 (Seoul, Korea) – Hankook Tire announced the launching of Ventus R-s4, its new semi-slick tire realizing extreme ultra-high performance. As the successor to the DDGT Championship’s official tire ‘Ventus R-s3’, Ventus R-s4 is a semi-slick tire with maximized grip, durability, and handling performance perfect for both racing and general driving.

A semi-slick tire is a racing tire well-known for both professional car racers and general drivers who truly enjoy racing. Ventus R-s4 are perfect for both driving on the racetrack and driving on the streets. To satisfy both, Hankook Tire made sure that Ventus R-s4 ensures maximum performance under extreme racing conditions. The new semi-slick tire was tested at the Korea International Circuit (F1 track) located in Yeongam by a professional racer, recognizing its functional excellence - maximized grip, durability and handling in performance.

Ventus R-s4 is a technology and performance icon. In terms of design, Ventus R-s4 is structured to support strong movement. All the edges of the tread patterns are designed in a geometric chamfer to enhance the tire's durability and prevent tread surface damage. The gradually angled slant chamfer maximizes the contact surfaces with additional weights caused by high speed driving and quick braking. As a result, the tire’s design gives the best driving experience to passengers in both straight and circuit driving.

As for technology, Ventus R-s4 consists of aggressive directional pattern technology with 1) a wider-center block which improves steering response, 2) a two-channel main groove with hydroplaning function, 3) a variable groove angle which offers optimized block stiffness with no shaking, and 4) a high stiffness shoulder blocks with proved steering response and improved cornering grip.

Furthermore, the tire is equipped with multi tread radius technology. Its Quattro Tread Radius profile maintains maximum grip at top speed or during sharp turns, while offering an optimum grip when accelerating and cornering thanks to its racing technology. Ventus R-s4 also offers a maximized wet performance by adding hydrophilic silica, by improving functionalized polymer, and by increasing stiffness and heat generation of compound with functional resin applied.

Finally, with strong uniform footshape technology, Ventus R-s4 maintains the best footprint shape and pressure of the tread part to improve grip power and control performance. And as a result of improving structure by optimum design, the tread part of the tire has optimum heat-generating shape in any movement so that even in repeated sever laps, the tread surface does not slip down due to heat.

All in all, Hankook Tire is confident that Ventus R-s4 will once again represent the company’s technology leadership globally, particularly as developing semi-slick tires requires the highest level of development technology.

Meanwhile, Hankook Tire will provide Ventus R-s4 to drivers which the company sponsors, participating at the Formula DRIFT starting this year. The tire will be launched in the US and in Korea in 1Q of this year, and later on in Europe and in the Middle East.

Hankook Tire launches Ventus R-s4, its new semi-slick tire equipped with technology and performance

Hankook Tire launches Ventus R-s4, its new semi-slick tire equipped with technology and performance