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Premium medium to long haul all-position tire developed for superior control and extended tread life

  • Regional Haul
Tractor/Trailer Recommended
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Premium Regional Steer Tyre developed for superior control and extended tread life

Pattern design

New Zig-Zag Groove Pattern

Semi zig-zag groove increases tread life. Combined twin straight grooves and twin zig-zag grooves provide increased mileage, durability and stone ejection.

Waved Kerf Design

Waved kerf family pattern for Hankook Premium Regional Haul Steer Tyre.

Pattern design

Optimised shoulder design

Wide shoulder improves stability and reduces uneven wear.

Improves mileage and prevents separation through optimised contact patch footprint.

TBR Technology



Innovative Mixing System(IMS)

Innovative Mixing System (IMS) minimises the breakdown and oxidation of polymer chains and has a higher dispersion degree of carbon black. The effects of IMS help to strengthen the bonding force between the carbon black and rubber to ensure longer mileage and to lower the heat generation of compounds for improved fuel efficiency.

  • Spec

    • 11R22.5
      • Fuel Efficiency C
      • Wet Grip B
      • External Rolling Noise 70
      • Tube Type / Tubeless L
      • Ply Rating 16
      • Measuring Rim 8.25X22.5
      • Load Index 148/145L
      • Section Width(mm) 281
      • Tread Width(mm) 219
      • Tread Depth(mm) 16.0
      • Static Loaded Radius(mm) 492
      • Overall Diameter(mm) 1056
      • M+S N
      • 3PMSF N
    • 1200R24
      • Fuel Efficiency X
      • Wet Grip X
      • External Rolling Noise X
      • Tube Type / Tubeless T
      • Ply Rating 20
      • Measuring Rim 8.50X24
      • Load Index 160/156K
      • Section Width(mm) 318
      • Tread Width(mm) 224
      • Tread Depth(mm) 14.0
      • Static Loaded Radius(mm) 556
      • Overall Diameter(mm) 1213
      • M+S N
      • 3PMSF N