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The Premium touring all-season tire for long mileage The Hankook KINERGY PT is a Premium Touring All-Season tire and offered with a No.1 “860/A/A” UTQG rating as well as an optimized 90,000 mileage warranty. Enhanced block stiffness and high structure and small particle size carbon provides low rolling resistance delivering high mileage to drivers.

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    M + S : Mud + Snow

Performance Driving Style

Sport Comfort


Tire Pattern

  • Optimized block stiffness

    Optimized tread block stiffness ensures enhanced Performance and tread uniformity for improved handling performance and mileage.

  • VAI (Visual Alignment Indicator) system

    The visual alignment indicator siping system provides an easy way to check tire alignment. Compares the wear on the sipes located on both of the tire’s shoulders and then realign as necessary.

  • High structure and small particle size carbon

    Super abrasion furnace carbon black provides low rolling resistance, delivering high mileage to drivers.

  • Asymmetric pattern design

    An enhanced outside stiffness ensures improved dry handling and cornering performance.

  • Tie-bar applied to the closed lateral groove

    A block applied to the tie-bar of out lateral groove provides excellent handling and braking.

  • Wide circumferential out grooves

    Wide out grooves provide maximum water evacuation which promotes wet traction.

  • Wide lateral groove

    Wide lateral grooves incorporated into the tire's tread ensure hydroplaning resistance for excellent wet handling and braking.

  • Aqua slant sipes

    Radial direction sipes provides improvid handling in wet and dry conditions by locking together for greater rididty.


Tire Structure

Abrasion resistance tread compound

Improves abrasion resistance.

Jointless full cover reinforced belt

Optimized strength to improve tread stability even at high speed.

Wide 2 steel belts

Improved tread stiffness for better handling / braking performance.

Belt folded edge tape

Increased belt Performance and stability.

Rim cushion sheet

Increased bead performance.

High-stiffness bead filler

Stiffer sidewall for improved steering response.

Strong jointless bead wire

Enhanced bead uniformity.


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Ply Rating
Load Index
Speed Symbol
Tread Wear
185/60R15 04 84 T 860 A A
185/65R14 04 86 H 860 A A
195/60R15 04 88 H 860 A A
195/65R15 04 91 H 860 A A
205/55R16 04 91 H 860 A A
205/60R15 04 91 H 860 A A
205/60R16 04 92 H 860 A A
205/65R15 04 94 H 860 A A
205/65R16 04 95 H 860 A A
205/70R15 04 96 T 860 A A
215/55R18 04 95 H 860 A A
215/60R15 04 94 H 860 A A
215/60R16 04 95 H 860 A A
215/60R16 04 95 T 860 A A
215/60R17 04 96 H 860 A A
215/65R16 04 98 H 860 A A
215/65R17 04 99 T 860 A A
215/70R15 04 98 T 860 A A
225/50R18 04 95 H 860 A A
225/55R17 04 97 H 860 A A
225/55R18 04 98 H 860 A A
225/60R16 04 98 H 860 A A
225/60R17 04 99 H 860 A A
225/65R16 04 100 T 860 A A
225/65R17 04 102 H 860 A A
225/70R15 04 100 T 860 A A
235/60R16 04 100 H 860 A A
235/60R17 04 102 T 860 A A
235/65R16 04 103 T 860 A A
235/70R15 04 103 T 860 A A
235/75R15 XL 04 109 T 860 A A

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