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  • Hankook Tire & Technology-Tires-Smart--AL07plus-KV


All-position tire with fuel efficiency for long-haul use

Smart Way

  • Long Haul
Tractor/Trailer Recommended
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Long Haul Steer Tire with Excellent Endurance

Hankook Tire & Technology-Tires-Smart--AL07plus-Long Haul Steer Tire with Excellent Endurance

Stability with optimized pattern design

Four-channel straight groove

-Improved fuel efficiency
-Excellent drainage / handling

Optimized sipes on the ribs

-Sipes aid in better traction performance
-Prevent irregular wear
-Better handling and stable driving

Robust shoulder design

Wide and flat design prevents tearing and chipping.

Stability with optimized pattern design

Decoupling groove

For minimized uneven wear and maximized durability, Decoupling Groove is designed to prevent irregular wear and improve durability.

  • Spec

    • 295/75R22.5
      • Material Code 3001544
      • TT/TL L
      • Ply Rating 14
      • Measuring Rim 8.25×22.5
      • Section Width(inch) 11.4
      • Tread Width(inch) 8.3
      • Tread Depth(32nds) 18
      • Overall Diameter(inch) 40.2
      • Tire Weight(lbs.) 109
      • M+S N
      • 3PMSF N
      • Origin Korea