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Hankook Tire Introduces Dynapro HPX, All-Season Touring Tire for SUVs

2023. 11. 03

- Latest SUV offering delivers extended tread life, enhanced safety in wet and snowy conditions, and industry-leading cabin comfort
- Dynapro lineup now includes range of products built to handle everything from highway cruising to extreme off-roading
- Dynapro lineup, including Dynapro HPX, will be displayed during SEMA Fest 2023 in Las Vegas

SEMA, Las Vegas (November 2, 2023) – Leading global tire maker Hankook Tire today announced an expansion of its Dynapro line of products with the debut of Dynapro HPX. Available in January 2024, this all-season touring tire for SUVs fulfills Hankook’s Dynapro portfolio by offering a complete lineup for on-road touring.

“Dynapro is Hankook’s flagship offering for SUVs, offering performance and reliability to drivers in a variety of driving conditions and scenarios,” said Rob Williams, President, Hankook Tire America Corp. “The Dynapro HPX builds on our success in this category by providing drivers with an all-season touring option that delivers extended tread life, enhanced safety and outstanding comfort. Dynapro HPX is the latest product in Hankook's line-up that delivers on our promise of innovation and technology that can go the distance.”

As a touring all-season tire, Dynapro HPX is designed to deliver year-round performance for drivers looking for smooth, comfortable driving in a variety of weather conditions. The all-new tire offers drivers the latest innovations, including:

- A new all-season compound increases the contact area to spread ground pressure, allowing Dynapro HPX to last up to 12 percent longer than competing tires with the same mileage warranty, based on internal tests.

- Improved all-season grip and handling are delivered through 3D GripKontrol sipes that improve snow braking by 4 percent, wet braking by 15 percent and wet handling by 7 percent, compared to Dynapro HPX’s predecessor.

- Tread pattern noise is minimized thanks to knurling technology and optimized multi-pitch sequencing, ensuring improved driver comfort.

With the Dynapro HPX, Hankook’s Dynapro lineup now encompasses five dedicated products for light trucks and SUVs for various driving scenarios. On-road cruisers can rely on Dynapro HPX and Dynapro HT, the all-season highway tire, while off-road enthusiasts can choose from the all-terrain Dynapro AT2 Xtreme, Dynapro XT for rugged terrain, or Dynapro MT2 for the toughest, muddiest environments.

Hankook will display the tire at booth #81061 (Silver Lot) during SEMA Fest 2023 (November 3-4) in Las Vegas. The Dynapro HPX will be available for sale from January 2024 in 39 sizes ranging from 16 to 22 inches, with speed ratings up to V. The Dynapro HPX comes with a 70,000-mile limited tread wear warranty.