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Hankook Tire sponsors Autonomous Driving Robot Race 2023, Korea’s sole autonomous driving robot race competition

2023. 03. 29

- Hankook Tire sponsors Korea's only autonomous driving robot race competition, the Autonomous Driving Robot Race 2023 hosted by the Korean Society of Robotics
- The company plans to develop an airless tire for future mobility with data collected from Ventus Z205 racing tires fitted on all of the vehicles
- Demonstrates commitment to pioneer the future mobility and the development of airless tire technology

Seoul, Korea, March 29, 2023 – Global leading tire company Hankook Tire will sponsor Korea’s only autonomous driving robot race competition, the Autonomous Driving Robot Race 2023 hosted by the Korean Society of Robotics.

The Autonomous Driving Robot Race is the only self-driving car race in Korea where autonomous vehicles respond to real-world variables without driver or remote control such as lane change, overtaking, and vehicle-to-vehicle contact. Intricate control of these vehicles requires a high level of autonomous driving technology based on artificial intelligence system. Fifteen teams from 11 universities will participate in three races starting on March 31. Hankook Tire has been sponsoring the race since 2019 and provides the Ventus Z205, a tarmac racing tire that offers the best grip on both dry and wet roads, to all participants.

Hankook Tire is planning to develop and supply non-pneumatic, or airless tires for the 30km/h class vehicles and top speed 100km/h class models jointly produced with the Department of Mechanical System Design Engineering at Hongik University. By collecting data from the 'Autonomous Driving Robot Race 2023', the company aims to improve the performance of these tires. Non-pneumatic tires have no air inside, which reduces the chances of tire punctures, wear and tear, and maintenance of proper air pressure. These tires are evaluated as being safer, easier to maintain, and more sustainable, making them ideal for future mobility such as autonomous driving.

Since 2010, Hankook Tire has been collaborating with private companies and universities to develop and demonstrate non-pneumatic tire technology. In 2021, the company provided airless tires to a self-driving security robot developed by Hongik University for testing. In September 2022, Hyundai Rotem showcased Hankook Tire's i-Flex technology, optimized for future mobility, by installing it on a multi-purpose unmanned vehicle at the Korea Defense Industry Exhibition.

Through technological innovation, the company plans to lead changes in the future market and strengthen its competitiveness in the tire industry.