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Hankook Rallies Customers Toward Growth at Partners’ Day Event

2018. 02. 15

Hankook Rallies Customers Toward Growth at Partners’ Day Event


PUAKO, Hawaii [February 15, 2018] – Dozens of high-performing customers joined Hankook Tire in Hawaii last weekend for its annual Partners’ Day event, where the company celebrated its 2017 success and outlined its plans for growth in 2018.

            While most of the week was devoted to leisure activities such as golf, tours and whale watching, Hankook also took time to thank its partners and discuss ways it seeks to achieve mutual benefit alongside them this year.

“It is through partnership with you, our customers, that Hankook Tire has been able to grow at such an impressive rate, stunning the industry and letting North America know that we are here to stay,” Hankook America President Hosung Suh told customers at the event’s final gala.

            In the upcoming year, Hankook aims to cement its status as a leading tire brand in the American market, leveraging its first-ever North American manufacturing plant and an aggressive marketing strategy to gain market share in the U.S. after a strong 2017.

            Last year, Hankook broke new ground with its OE relationships, earning GM Supplier of the Year honors and announcing fitments on staples such as the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. It also upped its marketing investment and celebrated the grand opening of the new plant in Clarksville, Tennessee, 45 minutes north of its American headquarters in Nashville.

            One of those products is the KINERGY PT [H737], made exclusively in the United States. It carries the highest UTQG of any tire in its market segment and has performed well since its September launch. Hankook plans to unveil additional new products this year.

            “It is always rewarding to spend time with our customers, and Partners’ Day gave us an opportunity to relax with them and learn more about their needs,” said Senior Director of PCLT Sales Jim Sicking. “We are thankful for their loyalty and look forward to successful partnership with them in the future.”