Optimo K715

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Wet and dry summer tyre providing excellent comfort and wet driving performance The Optimo K715 minimises hydroplaning by employing a pattern design that improves wet driving performance. With an upgraded bead, it also provides excellent cornering and dry driving.


Tyre Pattern

  • Tie bar for shoulder area

    Shoulder area is bolstered by a tie bar, improving rigidity and therefore handling.

  • Shoulder kerf reduces uneven wear

    Uneven abrasion which could be generated while cornering is diminished by the insertion of a kerf in the shoulder area.

  • Optimised pitch sequence

    A quieter ride and better handling are ensured by optimising the pitch sequence.

  • Revised groove positioning

    Strategic positioning and width adjustment of grooves ensure more safety in wet conditions.


Tyre Structure

Jointless cap ply

Improving uniformity for a smooth ride and higher durability.

Wide, high-tensile steel belts

Enhancing tread strength for a more direct steering response and less wear.

Jointless bead wire & high tensile modulus bead filler

Improving high speed stability and ride comfort. Maximising steering response and durability.


Load Index
Speed Symbol
Fuel Efficiency
Wet Grip
External Rolling Noise
145/60R13 E E 69 66 T
145/70R13 E E 69 71 T
145/70R13 X X X 71 T
145/80R13 E E 69 75 T
155/70R13 F E 70 75 T
155/70R13 F E 68 75 T
155/70R14 E E 68 77 T
155/80R13 F E 70 79 T
155/80R13 X X X 79 T
165/70R13 F E 70 79 T
165/80R13 E E 70 87 R
165/80R15 F E 70 87 T
175/65R13 F E 70 80 T
175/70R13 F E 70 82 T
185/75R14 F C 69 89 H
185/80R14 E E 70 91 T

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