Dynapro HP

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The premium summer SUV tyre The Dynapro HP provides excellent traction, reduced noise and improved interior properties for powerful, dynamic SUV’s.

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    M + S : Mud + Snow


Tyre Pattern

  • Unique design

    Improved off-road and snow performance.

  • Embossed style

    Improved off-road performance with an aggressive SUV appearance.

  • 2-step graduated groove

    Discharges water rapidly from the tread surface to prevent hydroplaning.

  • 4 straight channel grooves

    Resists hydroplaning, providing increased aquaplaning performance.

  • Semi-groove

    Uniform contact area provides improved on wet and snowy surfaces.

  • Tie bar

    A greater circumferential and lateral stiffness enables improved dry braking, pass-by noise and prevents uneven wear.

  • Centre rib

    Improved dry braking, handling and steering response.

  • Noise-reduction kerf

    Prevents a harmonic tread pattern sound.


Tyre Structure

Jointless cap ply

Jointless cap ply around the circumference of the tyre over the steel belts assures enhanced belt endurance plus improved uniformity for comfort and high-speed stability.

Wide, high-tensile steel belts

Enhance tread strength for steering response and wear life.


Load Index
Speed Symbol
Fuel Efficiency
Wet Grip
External Rolling Noise
215/70R16 E E 71 100 T
225/65R16 E E 71 104 T
225/65R16 X X X 104 T
225/70R15 X X X 100 H
225/75R16 E E 70 104 H
225/75R16 E E 71 104 H
235/55R17 E C 70 99 V
235/60R17 C C 71 102 H
235/70R17 C C 71 111 H
235/75R16 C B 71 108 H
235/75R16 E E 70 108 H
235/75R16 E E 71 108 H
245/60R18 C C 70 105 H
245/60R18 X X X 105 H
255/70R16 C E 71 111 H
275/60R18 B B 72 117 H

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