Design Innovation

In order to achieve our vision and contribute to the advancement of driving, we are constantly refining our designs to include future-oriented dynamism and elegance.

2016 Hankook Tire Design Innovation
'Connect to the Connected World'

Design Innovation is a project that realizes the infinite possibilities of a tire resulting from an earnest discussion to creative and realistic alternative to future driving. The theme in 2016 is "Connect to the Connected World." It predicts the changes in mobility in future mega cities and presents a vision of future mobility through tires.

Changes to mobility in the future, starting with the evolution of tires.

In the era of car sharing, self-driving and connected cars, we have predicted vehicle and driving environment changes. We have constructed comprehensive scenarios(general roads, alleys, stairs and more)for self-driving and emergency vehicles in future mega cities, and have suggested tires in a variety of concepts.

When future-oriented ideas meet Hankook Tire's global technology.

Five futuristic concept tires were created by incorporating futuristic ideas of the University of Cincinnati and global technology of Hankook Tire. We have simultaneously combined design, technology, and new culture as a product of design in the Discovery for Future Driving through tires.


The Magfloat, which uses magnetic field extension and rotation principle, is a single user mobility that can move freely at a low speed of 20km / h or less and can be used indoors.


The Flexup makes it possible to move freely even when the stairs are encountered while driving on the road through a principle of divided treads that expand or contract. It is a futuristic single user mobility that can freely turn corner on the flat ground by using the tilting principle when skiing.


This two wheel mobility maximizes the efficiency and cornering in the urban car sharing system. Flexible suspension structure minimizes the volume during the standby mode. It is a single user mobility that can realize an optimum performance even at high speed and cornering by changes of the wheel angle.


In cities that are becoming increasingly sophisticated and dense, we have built tires for police cars that are agile and easy to drive-in. A tire that allows strong cornering and fast lane change through block shifting of skating principle pushing outwards.


The Autobine is a self-driving bus concept in which the body is expanded and contracted while the tires are automatically attached and detached according to the number of passengers. This is an intelligent tire that detects the weight of the car and attaches itself to the bus body.


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