Design Innovation

In order to achieve our vision and contribute to advancement in driving, we are constantly refining our designs to include future-oriented dynamism and elegance.

Hankook's Project with University of Cincinnati

Hankook and University of Cincinnati joined together to create a project with the theme ‘new tyres for the future’.


Revolution of Sport tyre

Tiltread provides dynamic cornering by tilting through the non-pneumatic tyres without unnecessary tread wear and prevents blowouts.


High speed and maximum grip on the straightaway.

  1. Non-pneumatic tyres

    Resilient polyurethane airless tyre prevents blowouts.

  2. Three discrete motors

    Adjusts speed of each tyre when cornering.

Extreme cornering

A maximised contact ratio and dispersion of surface tension occurs through a tilting system which provides dynamic but stable cornering.

Motiv off road Tire

Exhilarating adventure

Motiv is the most flexible tyre to run in extreme conditions and blowouts are not a concern.

  • Variable Blocks

    Variable Blocks

    Flexible polyurethane blocks move separately according to surface shape.

  • Tilting Center Hub

    Tilting Center Hub

    Provides ultimate grip from the flexible chamber and expanding tread.


The smartest hybrid tyre

eMembrance provides not only fuel efficiency but also excellent grip for high speed.

Fuel Efficiency

Less road contact reduces rolling resistance and uses less energy.

Smart Lighting System - Signals movement of car with light.

Full Grip

Both sides of the rim extend the tread for excellent grip and cornering performance through wider contact.


Intelligent future tyre

Mag-trac is a smart tyre that breaks the frame of a tyre.
Empty spaces through magnetic fields allow cars to move comfortably and quietly.


Repulsive forces between same poles make it stand comfortably.

Smart Lighting System - Signals movement of car with light.


Opposite poles by instant current makes it roll.

Exhibition in SEMA Show 2012


During the SEMA Show 2012 in Las Vegas, Hankook showcased the innovative future tyre design mockups from its 'The Way to the Future' Design Collaboration with UC.


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