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Ventus V2 concept2

  • passenger car iconPassenger Cars
  • all season iconAll-Season

Balanced performance all-season tire

  • The feeling of sports car driving
  • Longer mileage capability
  • Noise control technology for a quiet, comfortable ride
  • winter_ms

    M + S : Mud + Snow

  • Performance

      Designed as a general guideline to compare among the internal Hankook products.

  • Awards
    2014 iF


    • Award2014 iF
    • Publication10.2014


Tire Pattern

  • 3D point effect and center rib block

    Optimal handling and braking ability by improving block solidity and applying 3D point effect on the block edge.

  • Optimal profile

    Improves stability during simulated high-speed driving, by utilizing an optimal profile design to achieve an even contact patch shape, minimizing deformation of center and shoulder.

  • Noise care block

    Improves quietness by utilizing noise care block on the shoulder.

  • Aqua driving control

    Excellent drainage performance by incorporating wide straight grooves and a v-shaped pattern design, for safe driving performance on any rainy road.

  • Uneven wear protect system

    Help to check tire’s abnormal and uneven wear easily with the wear protect system.


Tire Structure

Longer mileage carbon compound

Improved wet grip and lower rolling resistance.

New material wide belt

Ensures optimal tread stiffness for improved handling performance.

Equilibrium carcass line design

Minimizes tire deformation and allows greater sidewall stiffness.

Adoption of high-hardness bead filler

Improved handling and steering response.

Strong single strand bead wire

Improved bead uniformity and durability.


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Load Index
Speed Symbol
Fuel Efficiency
Wet Grip
External Rolling Noise
185/55R16 X X X 83 H
195/50R15 X X X 82 H
195/55R15 X X X 85 V
205/45R16 X X X 83 V
205/45R17 X X X 88 V
205/50R15 X X X 86 H
205/50R16 X X X 87 V
205/50R17 X X X 93 V
205/55R16 X X X 94 V
215/45R17 X X X 91 V
215/50R17 X X X 91 V
215/55R16 X X X 97 V
225/40R18 X X X 92 W
225/45R17 X X X 94 V
225/50R16 X X X 92 V
225/50R17 X X X 98 V
225/55R16 X X X 99 V
235/45R17 X X X 97 V
245/45R17 X X X 95 V

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