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Hankook Tire Unveils iON x Formula E Brand Film

2023. 04. 19

- Hankook launches iON x Formula E brand film, highlighting EV exclusive technology and racing prowess
- Seeks to profile the company's position as a leading brand in the global EV market, showcasing a premium, high-tech, innovative image
- Features a “one take” shooting technique to create trendy and electrifying motorsports atmosphere, while using the latest VFX and filming methods

Seoul, Korea, April 19, 2023 – Global leading tire company Hankook Tire has released its latest brand film, iON X Formula E, in homage to the brand’s Formula E sponsorship. The purpose of the brand film is to profile the company's position as a leading brand in the global EV market, showcasing a premium, high-tech, innovative image. In addition, the film aims to highlight Hankook’s technology in electric vehicles and increase brand awareness, coinciding with the introduction of the Formula E GEN 3 vehicle.

The campaign concept invites viewers to “Electrify your Driving Emotion” by connecting the relationship between the world's leading electric car racing in Formula E and Hankook’s EV-exclusive tires for general road electric cars, the iON evo. The film was produced using the "one take" shooting technique to create a trendy and thrilling motorsports atmosphere. The use of super-slow motion filming and realistic sound effects enhances the transmission of Hankook’s EVolution Technology.

The brand film was produced using VFX and racing drones to showcase the iON tires in a unique and captivating way. The VFX technology allowed for an ultra-close-up view of the tires on the racing car, providing an intimate look at the tire's grooves and patterns. This attention to detail created a visually stunning scene that would not have been possible with traditional filming techniques, providing a fresh and immersive experience for the viewer. To ensure consistency and coherence throughout the film, a new ending device was developed that aligns with the overall tone and manner of the film, delivering seamless performance of iON and the Hankook Tire brand.

Jimmy Kwon, Vice President of Hankook Tire’s Brand Lab, said, "We are excited to launch the iON X Formula E brand film, which showcases our tire technology through Formula E. This campaign seamlessly connects our involvement in the world's top electric car racing series with our commitment to bringing that same technology to everyday drivers with our iON series. We are thrilled to launch this exciting new campaign and look forward to the continued evolution of the iON brand."

The film will be operated in a modular format, emphasizing the message of the full 45-second brand film, and creating 15-second and 30-second variations with the main themes of Formula E Gen3, iON tire, and EV tech. The launch film will be available in 45-second, 30-second, and 15-second versions, emphasizing Formula E and iON. Following the launch, the film will be optimized for target regions and media, utilizing various variation techniques to provide a consistent message across channels.

The iON x Formula E brand film will be available on Hankook's official website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other online platforms.