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‘MADE IN HANKOOK 2022’ by Hankook Tire underway to connect with Gen Z and Millennials

2022. 10. 04

- Takes place from September 30 to October 9 in a trendy cultural space to reach the younger crowd
- Wide array of engaging exhibitions and activities in place for visitors to fully experience Hankook
- Displays Hankook Tire’s unique culture, design and innovative technology in a stylish format
- Opening event ‘Design Innovation Day’ to mark the opening of 10-day event

Hankook Tire & Technology’s culture brand, ‘MADE IN HANKOOK’, has been striving to communicate with Gen Z and Millennials on Hankook Tire’s unique culture, design and innovative technology. ‘MADE’ is an acronym that stands for ‘My Amazing Driving Emotion’. Through ‘MADE IN HANKOOK’, Hankook Tire aims to provide the public, especially the youth group, with an opportunity to rediscover and familiarize themselves with the brand.

This year, ‘MADE IN HANKOOK’ is being unfolded as a campaign project ‘MADE IN HANKOOK TECHNOVISION’. This project conveys Hankook Tire’s vision as a leading company in the electric vehicle (EV) tire market. Hankook Tire is realizing its vision by expanding its boundaries and accelerating the digital transformation at its facilities, namely Hankook Technoring, Technodome and Technoplex.

‘MADE IN HANKOOK 2022’ will be hosted from September 30 to October 9 in a complex cultural space D8NE located in Seoul, South Korea. To make its brand story and vision established based on 81 years of history more approachable for the public, Hankook Tire presents itself in a unique and fashionable way through a wide array of engaging content.

Peaches D8NE, a famous landmark in Seoul, is once again appointed as the event venue following last year. It’s located in Seongsu-dong, known as a cultural mecca featuring the newest trends. Run by Peaches, a lifestyle brand based on the street culture involving automotive and fashion, each sectionalized space of the Peaches D8NE will host various exhibitions and engaging activities for visitors to fully experience Hankook brand.

To maximize the brand experience, spaces are arranged to represent Hankook’s headquarters ‘Hankook Technoplex’, R&D center ‘Hankook Technodome’, and test track that was unveiled this year ‘Hankook Technoring’. Through this, visitors can glimpse into the present and future of Hankook Tire.

At the entrance, an acrylic model of the new Formula E Gen3 car will be exhibited to commemorate Hankook Tire’s sponsorship of the No.1 electric single-seater race. The acrylic model is fitted with Hankook Tire’s iON, the electric car racing tire to be supplied in the championship. This display puts an emphasis on the tire itself rather than the vehicle, and aims to serve as a photo zone for the Millennials and Gen Z.

In the meantime, Hankook Tire puts fashion items and merchandise made in collaboration with Peaches for this event on sale. Additionally, tire-shaped donuts designed in collaboration with Knotted Donut and cocktail menus designed with the iON’s key colors are available during the event. Hankook also invites visitors to get involved in a wide variety of interactive programs with special rewards.

On September 30, ‘Design Innovation Day’ takes place to mark the opening of the 10-day event. Several experts from design & tech fields will attend to discuss current issues and ongoing innovation in the industry. Hankook Tire’s video on scenarios for future mobility under the theme of ‘Urban Reshaping’ is also ready for disclosure on the first day of the event. Moreover, the technology behind Hankook’s new robotic wheel system ‘Wheel Bot’ will be demonstrated for the first time globally. The ‘Wheel Bot’ will be available for visitors to experience throughout the event.

Marking the last day of the event, October 10, a special finale ‘After Party’ is set to take place. Celebrities including musician Swings and Layone, and choreographer Monika will attend.

Meanwhile, Hankook Tire has been working on strengthening its ties with Gen Z and Millennials through various activities. Previously, Hankook had launched eco-friendly shoes made with recycled tires, collaborated with Crazyracing Kartrider game, and set up a crowdfunding for special camping items.

Furthermore, the company is trying to extend its capabilities as a leader of the mobility industry based on the cutting-edge infrastructure. As part, Hankook Tire announced the completion Asia's largest tire test track, Hankook Technoring, in May.

MADE IN HANKOOK 2022 by Hankook Tire underway to connect with Gen Z and Millennials