Design Innovation

In order to achieve our vision, “Contribute to Advancement in Driving,” we are constantly refining our designs to include future-oriented dynamism and elegance.

2018 Hankook Tire Design Innovation
'Extending Future Life Beyond Mobility'

"Design Innovation" is Hankook Tire's research and development project in which famous design schools around the world collaborate with Hankook Tire to propose new visions and resolutions for future driving through tire. In 2018, the idea, with the topic "Extending Future Life Beyond Mobility," is to create a tire system that will contribute to the creation of new values which are suitable for the future driving environments in 2035.

Future of mobility environment begins with the evolution of tire systems.

For the exciting year of 2035 where fully-autonomous cars, robots, and AIs are expected to become everyday routine, scenarios and ideas of three different concepts are developed to show how tires can contribute to the new services of the future mobility environment in individual, public, and commercial aspects.

Future-oriented ideas and Hankook Tire's global technology have come together.

Tires Aeroflow and Hexonic of futuristic concept are created from the futuristic ideas of the Royal College of Art (RCA) and the global technology of Hankook Tire. With the innovative, in-house idea HLS-23 (Hankook Logistics System), a concept tire that considers logistics system using tires is also proposed.


Futuristic, one-seat racing tire with maximized down-force

To maximize the down-force, the tire's grip has been improved by widening the wheel with separable tread. The absorption and release of air through the internal wings and side fans satisfy the desire of dynamic and high-speed driving in the future city environment.


Smart tire that provides the optimized driving condition

It is a variable type of tires for fully-autonomous share cars, and it considers the changing conditions of downtown of future cities. It can self-charge and self-diagnose by sensing the road information with its integrated smart sensors. The collected data from the sensors are processed through EAP (Electro Active Polymer) technology to form blocks and grooves on the tread, which maximize the drainage and cornering performances.


Hankook Tire's future logistics transport system

The separable treads are arranged in two columns, and the speed and direction of each column can be controlled separately to allow spinning in place. Depending on the size and weight of the deliverables, the tires can operate individually or in assembled groups. Traveling through road-coordinate recognition and self-charging guarantee sustainable logistics services.


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