Design Innovation

In order to achieve our vision, “Contribute to Advancement in Driving,” we are constantly refining our designs to include future-oriented dynamism and elegance.

2014 Hankook Design Innovation
'A Great Challenge for a Great Change'

Design Innovation is a project that recognizes the unlimited possibility and capability of tires through deep thoughts on creative, yet realistic, alternatives for future driving.

The main theme of 2014 was "A Great Challenge for a Great Change". This presented the vision of future driving through new tires and considered what special role a tire can undertake amidst severe climate change due to global warming.

The Future of Driving Discovered in the Evolution of Tires

The project approaches driving not only from the perspective on vehicles, but also from the fundamental concept of driving whilst keeping its slogan “Discovery for Future Driving” in mind.

Amidst environmental changes that are difficult to anticipate, the project considered how a tire can achieve the best driving performance while resolving issues on its own.

Tires, unlike vehicles, are the core elements that directly connect the driver to the road meaning they are influenced by the conditions of the road. To respond to the geographical issues caused by abnormal climates, three concept tires were developed especially for desert terrain, heavy rain and heavy snow.

Future-Oriented Ideas meet the Global Technology of Hankook

The three future-oriented concept tires, Boostrac, Alpike and Hyblade, are the products of futuristic ideas from the Graduate School of Pforzheim students in Germany together developed with the world-class technology of Hankook. The concept tires successfully combined design, technology and new culture.


Applying a variable tread block structure to this tire produces enormous drive force. The tread block expands in all directions, which enables a dimensional grip that is highly effective in desert terrain. The additional ground clearance produced by the tire also achieves outstanding rough terrain driving performance.


The circumference expansion structure of this tire improves rough terrain driving performance due to additional ground clearance. The additional tread produced by tread expansion achieves outstanding traction. The sharp studs exposed between the expanded treads allow high driving performance even in snowy and icy road conditions.


The blade structure of the tire tread facilitates perfect water draining during wet surface driving. Even when submerged, the waterwheel principle and additional resistance of the side spokes on the tire produce great driving force.



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