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Date 21/06/2010 Hits61,611

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Hankook Tire, conducted ‘H-LOHAS Walk Slow, campaign with customers


 Hankook Tire, conducted ‘H-LOHAS Walk Slow,’
campaign with customers

   - As part of the ‘H-LOHAS Walk Slow,’ campaign Hankook Tire held ‘Walk on
     Blue Road to Youngduk.’
   - The eco-experience program to feel the importance of the nature was held
     Youngduk Blue Road on June 18th through June 20th
   - What it was an event for the family of employees turned into an even for the
     customers, and received a very hot response from the participants as a result

Hankook Tire, Korea’s number one and the world’s 7th largest tire manufacturer announced June 20th, ‘H-LOHAS (Hankook Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) Walk Slow,’ campaign was held as a part of ‘Walk on Blue Road to Youngduk,’ event with customers in June 18th through June 20th.

The 30 participants were chosen through a lottery from Hankook Tire’s homepage, online brand cafe members, and the newly buyers of Hankook Tire and the eco-experience program was design so that the participants can feel the beauty and the importance of the nature by walking to Gorebool Beach from Youngduk Kang-gu Port.

In addition to the walk, the other activities included building new birdhouses; environmental purification program and others to better understand and protect the nature and the participants were very thrilled to be part of this movement. One of the partaker Han, Ki Myung was quoted, “it was great to be reminded how important the nature is to all of us through this eco-experience program,” and he added, “the base of environmentally friendly society begins with individuals appreciating and loving nature as their own.”

Kim Se Heon, Vice President of Brand Devision of Hankook Tire, “the significant point of this event was that the fact that ‘H-LOHAS Walk Slow,’ was a corporate in-house campaign and it grew to be extended to the external customers so that they would have the opportunity to tour with the nature.” Also, “Hankook Tire will continue to put efforts to develop environmentally friendly products for the next generations and will further expand H-LOHAS campaign.”

The ‘H-LOHAS (Hankook Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability)’ represents improving the quality of life by developing healthy community and happy society through enhancing social and environmental responsibilities. Since 2008, Hankook Tire is committed to social service activities, health activities, going green project activities amongst others to promote and practice H-LOHAS.



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