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Hankook Tire anticipates a big hit in China with its environmentally friendly tire

Hankook Tire anticipates a big hit in China with
its environmentally friendly tire

- ‘Enfren,’ the most popular environmentally friendly tire produced by
  Hankook Tire is newly introduced in China… enfren, the efficient and energy-saving tire.
- Actively targeting China with its green marketing, Hankook Tire saw a 15% growth in
  revenue from the year before and its newly set goal is to be number one in market share.

Picture 1 - educating enfren to a consumer at Hankook Tire’s booth in Beijing Motor show

Hankook Tire the seventh largest tire company in the world has announced its participation in 2010 Auto China which is being held in Beijing, China from 04/23/2010 to 05/02/2010 to introduce its environmentally friendly tire enfren and to actively market for the very first time in China.

Since its launch in 2008 to follow the worldwide green movement, enfren has been acclaimed by not only Korean market, but also in Japan, Australia as one of the best eco-friendly product. Hankook Tire is anticipating the same success from Chinese market with this introduction.

“For a Green Tomorrow,” as a slogan for the 2010 Auto China where it advocates eco-friendly products, Hankook Tire is showcasing its fuel economical and CO2 emission reducing performance product led by enfren to the consumers emphasizing economical advantage as well as environmentally friendly tire for their everyday drive. To demonstrate how enfren can improve efficient fuel-consumption for consumers’ vehicles, Hankook Tire has arranged “enfren experience,” space to help the consumers better understand. In addition, Hankook Tire has also created “experience space,” for UHP (Ultra High Performance), PCR (Passenger Car Tires), TBR (Truck/Bus) and Racing Tires.


Picture 2 - Hankook Tire booth at 2010 Auto China

Kim, Se Heon, vice president of brand management commented, “Hankook Tire has been one of the leading companies in China due to its great brand awareness and its high quality products and by introducing high performance eco-friendly product such as enfren, we plan to be No. 1 in the tire market in China.” He also mentioned, “2010 Auto China, will be a great opportunity for Hankook Tire to display its advanced eco-friendly technology and products that cannot be duplicated by competitors in the Chinese market.”

Meanwhile, after its initial establishment in China in 1994, Hankook Tire has never lost the No. 1 position in Passenger Car Tire market. Producing more than 29 million units per year with stability and its technology at the local manufacturing facilities in China, Hankook Tire has been distributing to approximately 30 leading global automotive manufacturers such as GM, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi and others.

2010 Auto China celebrates its 11th anniversary; from the inaugural event in 1990, it’s held in China every other year, and it’s the largest automobile show in China welcoming more than 700,000 visitors per show to experience the newest automotive technology and the latest vehicle designs by the leaders of the industry.

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