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Hankook Tire finishes 2nd at Round 8 of VLN, Germany

Hankook Tire finishes 2nd at Round 8 of VLN, Germany
- Sponsored team finishes 2nd at Round 8 of VLN, held at Nurburgring, Germany
- Reaffirmed leading quality of ultra-high performance tire through prominent international motorsporting event
Hankook Tire (, CEO Seung Hwa Suh) today announced that its sponsored team finished 2nd at Round 8 of the VLN (BF-Goodrich Endurance Championship) held at Nurburgring , Germany on September 29th.
A total of 180 cars participated in Round 8 of racing. Hankook H&R Special Springs, the team sponsored by Hankook Tire, moved up from 4th place during the qualifying round to finish at 2nd overall.
VLN is a long distance race series and considered a shorter version of the famous endurance race, Nurburgring 24 hour. The two races share many of the same competitors and rules. However, while the Nurburgring 24 consists of racing around the circuit non-stop for 24 hours, the VLN is limited to three and a half hours to six hours.
Round 8 of the VLN lasted four hours. Of the 180 cars that entered the race, only 132 managed to cross the finish line. Hankook Tire participated in the race with the Porsche 997 RSR which was outfitted with Hankook’s UHP tire, Ventus F200 (front : 280/650R/18, back : 330/710R/18).
Following the race, Hankook H&R Special Springs racing team manager Jurgen Alzen said, “Our performance in today’s race was possible due to the technological expertise of Hankook Tire’s UHP tires.”
Hankook Tire signed a partnership agreement with the Jurgen Alzen team in March for motorsporting events. The partnership has so far proven successful, with the team also finishing 4th at the Nurburgring 24 hour held in June.


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