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Date 03/05/2007 Hits67,928

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Hankook Tire ads unveiled in China

Hankook Tire ads unveiled in China

The new 2007 overseas ads for Hankook Tire can now be seen in several countries,
including China, North America and Europe. On March 1st, the latest print and TV ads
were first unveiled in China. The ads will meet consumers through TV and magazines in
China, Germany and France, while other European countries will only run magazine
ads. Consumers in the US will meet the ads through the Internet, radio and magazines.
Expectations are running high, particularly regarding magazine ads as they will be featured
in prominent auto&tire publications for industry personnel and auto buffs.
The global concept for the overseas ads is ‘roadism,’where the central theme features
Hankook Tire products racing along various roads around the world. The ad concept
was also customized for country audiences: in China for example, the theme was ‘all
roads lead to China.’As a result, the ad features tires driving along roads in the US,
France and the UK before ending up at its final destination in front of China’s
Tiananmen Square. For the “Tame the road”concept in the US, Hankook had tires
powering ahead on a variety of road conditions. Meanwhile, Europe will continue with
its “Tame the beast”concept, albeit with an updated version, in 2007. As the main target
audience is men between the ages of 25~45 years old, the ad focused on how
Hankook Tire products reflect their lifestyle, rather than the previous emphasis on superior
quality. Hankook Tire expects to reap a wide range of benefits including brand PR
through these overseas ads. In China, where the company has already established a
reputation as a premium brand, it hopes the ad will further strengthen its position. As for
Europe and the US, the ads are hoped to provide a launching pad for Hankook Tire to
make the leap into a leading global brand. The advertising campaign is expected to
provide an excellent opportunity for showing Hankook Tire’s brand value to a larger


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