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Hankook tire takes several models of ultra high performance tires to participate in Auto Shanghai 20

“High-tech and high performance”
Hankook tire takes several models of ultra high performance tires to participate in Auto Shanghai 2007

- Ventus V12 evo for high-class modified car and Ventus S1 evo which adopts Run Flat   technology.
- Hankook enhances the efforts in entering the Chinese market through a series of activities.

(Shanghai China, April 20) Hankook Tire Co., Ltd. has brought its latest product K110 (Ventus V12 evo) ultra high performance tire and K107 (Ventus S1 evo) luxury ultra high-performance tire to display at Auto Shanghai 2007. The company will also launch several models of high-performance tire in late this year.

K110 is suitable for high-class tuning vehicle and its target group is active and trendy tuners. The linear and Y-shaped patter design provides superior control and cornering performance in high-speed running, four grooves effectively channels water away from the tire and the best pattern block maximally cut down the noise. According to the international trend in the future, the drivers will reach ideal running speed not only through autos, but tire. This model of tire which will debut in South Korea in this may and appear in China market in late this year is just designed for this trend.

K107 (Ventus S1 evo) adopts the world advanced Run Flat technology. It is the tire product that Hankook attaches great importance to promote in high-end replacement vehicle market. The model of tire has even ground contact and stable cornering performance. 3D wild linear groove enables the tire to give out unimaginable control on rainy road. The optimum pattern provides superb braking performance on any road. In addition, High Grip Silica Compound has conspicuous fuel-conservation effect. In this January, Hankook signed a supply contract with Audi China to provide this model of tire to Audi A6L.

Choi Jin Wook, the president of Hankook China, said: “Auto Shanghai 2007 is one of the most important auto show in China, as well as an A-class auto show in the world. The reason for Hankook to bring the upscale products to this auto show and make the exhibition themed on “high-tech and high performance” is to combine the internationalization objective of Hankoo with the international vision of Auto Shanghai and march toward the objective of “growing into an international brand.”

Hankook’s highlighted products on this auto show also include: Ventus F200 ( dry-road slicks for F1 and car circuit contests, the designated tire of Weihao Racing—the champion team of 1600 CC team at China Circuit Championship), Ventus V12 evo K110 (ultra high performance tire) etc.

When it ushers into 2007, Hankook also accelerates its step in entering the Chinese market. It signed a supply agreement with Audi A6 in this January, opening the prelude of entering the high-end market. In March, the 100, 000,000th tire produced by Hankook in China roll off the production line. Recently, Hankook launched the noted service brand T-station in Shanghai, adding weight in channel and sales network construction. At the same time, the brand can also be uplifted through the establishment of this high-class image store. Hankook also re-launched its TV advertisement film and adjusted its brand strategy in order enlist in the high-end brand group. On April 6, Wanyu Team sponsored by Hankook won the championship at the first contest of China National Rally Championship, proving the outstanding performance of Hankook tire once again.

Since the entry of the Chinese market in 1996, Hankook has conducted cooperation with major domestic auto plants by relying on good product quality and service reputation. It has further intensified the R&D strength and product quality through auxiliary manufacturers’ use of the tire on one hand and solidified Hankook’s leader position in domestic tire market. According to statistics, Hankook meridian tire was used by nearly all noted domestic auto manufacturers as early as in 2002 and occupied a market share of 30%. From supplying tires for one million cars in 2004 to supplying tires for three million cars in 2006, Hankook tire takes the first position in China’s sedan tire market.

The industrial ranking of Hankook tire in the world market rose up from the 11th slot in 2001 to the 7th slot at present. The company keeps an eye to the establishment of global management system, upgrading the organizational, flow and HR management level in order to come to world-recognized standards and ensure higher level of customer services and product quality. The sales objective for Hankook tire in 2007 is US$3.6 billion.



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