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Hankook-tires shine in ZDF-Programme „Volle Kanne“

Hankook-tires shine in ZDF-Programme „Volle Kanne“

In view of the forthcoming warm season of the year, the ZDF recently presented its viewers in its daily Service-Magazine Programme “Volle Kanne” a comparison of summer tires, based on tyre tests carried out by the consumer watchdog organisation “Stiftung Warentest”. Hankook’s tires were so convincing in the eyes of the makers of the programme that their assessments for the “small car tires” and for the “medium range wide tires” made by the number eight on the list of world-wide tyre manufacturers were extremely positive. Hankook’s tires were crowned victors in both categories with regard to their value for money.

Stiftung Warentest tested 31 makes of summer tires and did not only take road adherence into account. 15 small car tires and 16 medium range wide tires were tested. The smaller models were of the size described as 155/70 R13 and the wide tires of the size 205/55 R16. The braking readiness of the tires was specifically tested on both wet and dry roads. Other aspects to which particular attention was paid during the test were the handling and the amount of PAH-in the rubber of which the tires are made. PAH is a carcinogenic substance that is found in rubber. Both the test on the wet surface and the environmental characteristics of the summer tires made up 40 per cent of the final test result. The test on a dry surface made up the remaining 20 per cent.

Generally the small car tires, which were tested on a VW Lupo, achieved poorer results with regard to the safety aspect than did the wide tires. Three of the total of 15 small car tires completely failed the test and were adjudged “inadequate”. 4 of the smaller summer tires achieved a positive test assessment, however. Of the tires examined the particularly resilient Hankook Optimo K715 achieved second place and was awarded the overall mark of “good”. Alongside positive values on both dry and wet surfaces the Optimo also excelled due to the most favourable environmental characteristics of all tires examined: wear and tear and rolling resistance are very good, and the Optimo has the lowest content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) of all the tires tested. In addition to these convincing test values the programme “Volle Kanne” particularly praised the equally convincing value for money represented by the Optimo K715.

The larger models were tested using an Opel Astra. In this category, too, a Hankook tyre was able to shine. The Ventus Prime K105 was awarded the overall assessment "good" by "Stiftung Warentest" and thus achieved fifth place among the 16 tires tested. The Ventus Prime K105 made a most excellent impression both on wet and dry surfaces and, like the Optimo K715, had the lowest PAH-value of all the tires in the test. And for this tyre also the ZDF-experts praised the extremely convincing value for money offered.

The particular recognition by the programme „Volle Kanne“ underlines once again Hankook’s endeavours to be present on the market with qualitatively high-value products at fair prices. The distinction awarded in the ZDF programme represents for Hankook the interim highlight in a tyre testing season 2007 that has been particularly successful so far.


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