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Hankook Tire Elevates CTO/CPO to the Board of Directors

Hankook Tire Elevates CTO/CPO to the Board of Directors

■ New Management Structure Emphasizes the Strategic Importance of Technology and introduces a specialized decision making process

SEOUL, KOREA 20th MARCH, 2007 – Hankook Tire (, one of the leading global tire manufacturers announced the appointment of Mr. Hwi Joong Kim to the Board of Directors on March 16th, in a move that reflects the strategic importance of technology for the company.  Mr. Kim continues to act as CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and CPO (Chief Production Officer) of the company.

Mr. Kim said, “Technological innovation has been a cornerstone in fueling the profitability of our company and enhancing the reputation of the quality of our products.  This is a natural progression to further enhance the role of technology and product quality, critical in the competitive global automotive industry.”

Elevating production and technology to the boardroom agenda will streamline the decision making process at Hankook Tire. Hwi Joong Kim will have responsibility for the overall management of research and development, and manufacturing.

The announcement comes after the appointment of Mr. Seung Hwa Suh as global CEO on March 5th. Mr. Seung Hwa Suh, commenting on the appointment said, “We have set robust business goals to grow the company and acquire a four per cent global market share by 2011, the 70th anniversary of our company, and this specialization of the executive decision making process is an integral part of our long term business strategy.  Technological innovation, brand value and differentiation and global management structures are key factors in sustaining our rise in the global automotive industry and in delivering value and quality to our customers.”

Since 1998, Mr. Kim has lead innovation at the company, overseeing future-orientated tire projects such as the Hankook Runflat System (HRS) and Hankook Hybrid System (HHS) projects, and the development and enhancement of Ultra High Performance Tires (UHPTs).  He was also a driving force behind the company’s strategy of pursuing partnership with the world’s major automotive makers, such as Hankook Tire’s strategic alliance with Ford in 2005.  He joined the company in 1970 and has served in various positions at its R&D Division.

[CTO & CPO, Mr. Hwi Joong Kim’s Profile]

● Education:
   - B.S. in Applied Chemistry at Seoul National University (1971)
   - M.S. in polymer science at the University of Akron (1974)
   - Ph.D. in polymer science at the University of Akron (1990)
● Experience:
   - Joined Hankook Tire (1970)
   - Vice President of R&D Center (1993 ~ 1996)
   - Senior Vice President of R&D Center (1997 ~ 1998)
   - Executive Vice President of R&D Center (1998 ~ 2001)
   - Executive Vice President, CTO of R&D Center (2001 ~ 2003)
   - President, CTO of R&D Center (2003 ~ 2006)
   - President, CTO/CPO of R&D / Production & Engineering Staff Office (2006 ~ Current)


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