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Date 18/03/2007 Hits68,099

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Hankook Tire’s tri-colored drama

Hankook Tire’s tri-colored drama
2nd installment of Driving Emotion campaign

Hankook Tire’s latest TV ad has finally been unveiled, reuniting Kim Ah-joong and Joo Jin-mo from the romantic hit movie ‘200 Pound Beauty.’

The three-part ad is part of the company’s Driving Emotion campaign which highlights the emotional depiction of drivers. Their emotions are then reflected on the tire, to relay the message that tires follow the drivers’ inclination and mood.

The first installment of the campaign aired early last year with actors Hwang Jeong-min, Jeon Do-yeon and Jo Seung-woo. The second installment, entitled ‘Stop. Advance. Return.’ expresses the Driving Emotion theme in a more polished and compelling manner. It showcases Hankook Tire’s premium tire for passenger cars, ‘XQ Optimo’; ‘Ventus S1 evo,’ the UHP tire for superb handling at high speeds; and ‘Dynapro MT’ for off-road SUV driving.

The first series in the installment depicts the fated meeting between a man and a woman in the midst of a blinding downpour. The bold forward movement of the tires expresses the urgency and passion of their love. But the woman turns her back and walks away, leaving the man to cry out in anguish. A man and a woman, facing destiny, love and separation. The ad was produced through a new method called dramatizing to appeal to the young generation. Dramatizing refers to creating a dramatic storyline in an ad rather than sending consumers a one-dimensional message. The method invokes sympathy and compassion in viewers, drawing them in and heightening their interest.

Through dramatization, the superior braking, driving and cornering capabilities of Hankook Tire products are portrayed in three mini-stories of ‘Stop,’ ‘Advance’ and ‘Return.’ In the ads, tires not only express the driver’s emotions but actually encourage and inspire emotions in the drivers.

For the series, Hankook Tire cast rising starlet Kim Ah-joong and the charismatic Joo Jin-mo from ‘200 Pound Beauty.’ With the public’s familiarity with them as an on-screen couple, the aim was to focus the public’s attention on the ad story. During the shoot, the two also managed to shed their comic images from the film and deliver a persuasive performance as destined lovers.

The location for the shoot was chosen after much deliberation. The setting had to have a rain-drenched city, rough mountains as well as wide, straight roads. In the end, Shanghai was selected.

Production ran into other obstacles with Chinese authorities refusing to allow the ad’s main star, the tires, entry into the country. After a series of maneuvers reminiscent of those seen in ‘Mission Impossible,’ the cast and crew succeeded in shooting an extraordinary ad, made more memorable by the tears and sweat that went into its making.


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