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Hankook Hail Autosport Success


Hankook Hail Autosport Success
Hankook Tyre UK Ltd have hailed Autosport 2007 a success.  In their third successive year at the show, Hankook have gone from strength to strength.  Said Mike Patterson, UK Motorsport Manager, "When we began exhibiting at Autosport in 2004 we were new to the exhibition and relatively new to motorsport.  Since then our presence at the show has grown, as has our involvement in motorsport." 
Visitors to the Hankook stand included well known faces such as David Higgins who drove for Hankook in 2006, Mitsubishi Works Driver Gwyndaff Evans who won the Mitsubishi Evo Challenge with Hankook in 2006 and Alistair McCrae.  
The show attracts nearly 70,000 visitors a year and is one of the biggest motorsport shows in the world.  As Ian Mayoll, UK Sales Manager, pointed out, it's not just about Motorsport, saying "This show is as much about our public perception as it is about motorsport.  This show gives us the chance to talk to our customers and consumers a like, to tell them about Hankook developments and the year ahead. It's a great opportunity to understand what people think about Hankook and how we might better serve our customers in the future ."
Hankook clearly  demonstrated their broad product ranges in both motorsport and domestic tyres by showing no less than 18 products.  Ranging from the newly developed 13" Z209 and R201 rally tyre for classic rallying through to the massive 22" Ventus ST for the latest SUV's.  Also the stand was home to an array of cars including a classic Ford Escort, Le Mans GT and a Drift car from the EuroDrift series that Hankook sponsors.
Amongst the announcements at the show, were Hankook's ongoing support of the Volkswagen Racing Cup and title sponsorship of the ANCRO MSA Gravel Rally Championship.


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